Friday, April 6, 2018

March in Review

March was mostly an uneventful month. Until the end that is. The kids went to university and work, hubby went to work,  and I pottered at home and did plenty of reading. Some events of note.

* The first quarter of the university year is over. Miss 17 sat and survived her first ever exam.

* I finally got around to getting my CV in order. So far the only advertised job I could apply for is  delivery driver for a pizza chain. Let's just say I've yet to send out any job applications.

* The kitchen renovations were practically completed. All the appliances work and most of the cupboards are usable. Due to an ordering mishap some are without shelves, but hopefully they'll arrive and be installed very soon.

* I've been helping out with wedding planning. I don't recommend trying to organise a wedding at short notice when the bride and groom are not even in the same country!

* I started a series of MOOCs . The first was Religious Literacy: Traditions and Scriptures. The rest of the series focuses on each of the world's major religions in turn. When I was at university, many years ago, I always wanted to take a religious studies course but I could never make it work with the rest of my course load. I had my eye on this series for Miss 17's final year of homeschooling. But she ended up not doing her final year - and I realised I could enrol myself. 

* Extended family from overseas were visiting other extended family who live locally. Turns out Miss 17 has a teenage second cousin who is also very interested in birds. We were able to take him out one day and track down the world's most endangered wader.

* We also went out by ourselves later in the month and tracked down another couple of species that we hadn't yet seen this year. There was also a banding session.

Greenfinches were by far the most common bird caught and banded.

* Plenty of Hot Cross buns and chocolate eggs were made (and consumed) over Easter.

* We helped my parents get settled into their new home. They've moved from an area they've lived in or near their entire lives and are now just an hour away from us.

* The journal with Miss 17's first ever peer reviewed article was published. So nice to finally have it in our hands.
Definitely the highlight of the month.

* All the reading time means I'm more than half-way through every reading challenge I'm undertaking this year. My favourite reads for March was An American Marriage and Pride and Prejudice (again) but The Birdwatcher, Love, Hate & Other Filters and Behind the Beautiful Forevers were also very good, albeit very different from each other.


  1. The World Religions course sounds winderful. I love studying faith and religion. I've never done any MOOCs as I cannot do online courses with my brain diisability, but what a fantastic option.

    Yay for the journal article, and her first university exam! Milestones!

  2. Miss 17's accomplishments are awesome! Great job!

    And one of the reasons I love homeschool planning is that I look at all of the curriculum choices I wish I were studying! Part of my great dilemma is making sure that I'm not subconsciously forcing my wishes onto my kids. :) So I think it is particularly joyful that you realized that even if your girl isn't taking a class, you can!

    Wishing you success in your wedding planning!

  3. So many interesting and exciting things going on! Especially the journal article and first exams - congratulations on both!

  4. What a great review of the month. I hope your kitchen is in working order soon.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. Sounds like life is quite busy! I'm sure the bride and groom really appreciate your help in planning.

  6. She sat for her first ever exam! I am so nervous about this. we will be there next year.

    Yay on the kitchen!!!

    Wedding planning sounds like there will be stories to tell for many years to come!!