Sunday, December 10, 2017

Week Ending 10 December 2017

Last weekend's wader count turned up a relatively rare bird - one neither Miss 17 nor I had seen before. So of course this week started with a drive back to the lake! There had been two reports of the bird, one in a section we weren't familiar with but that we knew required a lot of walking, and another at a section we knew well and that involved a more moderate amount of walking. Given the temperatures we opted for the lazy girls' approach to birding, fully expecting to have to return and make the long trek later in the week. But for once luck was with us and we were rewarded with really good views of our first ever Hudsonian Godwit. The only way to definitively identify this bird is to check the colour under its wing and it conveniently lifted its wing so we got a clear view of the black colouration which separates it from a similar looking species.

Tuesday wasn't such a good day since I came down with a mild attack of a long running health problem. Luckily a few hours in bed took care of things and I was able to get up and moving later in the day. Miss 17 spent some time drafting her first ever resignation letter. She's decided she definitely won't return to trampoline and gym coaching next year.

On Wednesday we braved the mall (my least favourite place ever) to tackle some long overdue Christmas shopping. I survived - although not as much shopping was accomplished as I'd hoped.

Thursday's highlight was a bird banding session, the first in a couple of weeks. It was a busy, productive session. A school group arrived for a picnic/sports day in the park and came over to see what we were doing. Miss 17 was given the job of extracting a bird from the net and then banding it in front of the large, inquisitive audience. She was relieved the bird was compliant and not a stroppy, uncooperative one!

Getting ready to put the band on this Greenfinch

This Silvereye doesn't look too impressed!

Normally the birds come to the nets. Sometimes the nets go to the birds.

Friday was a relaxed day at home. We even made a couple of new Christmas decorations. Hopefully we'll make some more this coming week. The kids always made at least one new decoration each year when they were younger and it is a tradition Miss 17 is still keen to continue.

Miss 17 was busy all weekend at a two day course for trampoline judges. She's hoping to move up a level on the judging ladder. The theory and practical tests sounded pretty brutal - over 100 questions for the theory component plus forty different routines to score in the practical section - and a big jump from what was required to gain her current judging qualification. Results should be out before Christmas.

Meanwhile I spent Saturday staffing a stall for our birding group at a local environmental expo. It was the hottest day of the year, and the fans in the hall weren't up to the job - I was in danger of melting into a puddle all day long!


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about the bad day with your health -- oh, how familiar I am with such woes! The birding sounds lovely as ever tho', so that's good! Ah, the Christmas shopping! Bless, we *never* manage to achieve all that we plan to in an individual outing, so have learnt to simply pencil in several timeslots into the family calendar for shopping excursions! It's lots of work, and we none of us have the best energy for lengthy outings, due to the various medical issues amongst us .... Slow and steady wins the race, right?!

  2. How lovely that your birding adventures were so serendipitous. :)

    I wish you good health. It looks like my little Mister Man might be headed for a long fight for his own health. It might be nothing . . . but the feeling in my heart says that it won't end up being nothing.

    Here's hoping I'm wrong. :)

    For some reason I feel sad for your girl to be leaving coaching . . . but it is good for her to know where she's growing and to follow that knowledge instead of being held back by habit. I wish her well with all of her new adventures!

    1. I'm a big believer in mother's intuition but I so hope you are wrong with regards to Mister Man's health. I was sadder than I expected when Miss 17 gave up competitive trampolining,more so than the coaching. At least with still judging she will keep some contact with the sport that was such a big part of her life for so long.