Sunday, October 29, 2017

Week Ending 29 October 2017

This was one of those weeks where I was glad we weren't homeschooling - because Miss 16 was far too busy to fit any formal bookwork into her schedule!

She arrived home from banding camp on Monday evening satisfied and happy, but rather tired since she'd been up until 1:30 that morning banding waders and had then got up at 5 am to go back out banding passerines. That got cancelled due to the rain but she didn't get back to sleep! All the other girls took a nap in the afternoon, and many of the guys were taking it easy as well but she volunteered to go back to the banding site and help take down all the nets and poles. I laughed when she appeared through the gate at the airport because she looked like a walking zombie. Sounds like camp was lots of fun though and she was happy with the banding she did - especially a Fantail and a Wrybill, both birds she'd wanted to get some hands-on experience with. And they saw a Shore Plover. It's  one of our rare endemic waders and the first one she's ever seen so that was a highlight.

Miss 16 was banding this godwit by headlamp after midnight!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday involved lots of computer time. She had a couple of short online courses to complete - prerequisites for a 2 day course she'll be doing next week. There were also final touches that needed completing for her paper (captions for photos which a photographer kindly allowed her to use, plus the last pesky footnotes). The local birding newsletter which she edits is due out soon, her column for the national magazine is also due in a few days and the young birders group has a magazine out soon which she's helping to guest edit, since the regular editor is busy with school exams. So lots of work there. Plus there was her paid job -  2- 4 hours coaching each day. And she had a job interview on Thursday. She'll be starting as a checkout operator at a local supermarket in the next couple of weeks. I think her plan is to work both jobs until the end of the year and, assuming she doesn't hate checkout work, to then resign from her coaching job. Checkout work offers more hours, more secure hours (the gym is constantly changing them) and the ability to work more hours at a time  i.e. 10 hours over 2 days instead of 8-9 hours over 4 days which she thinks she'll prefer.

Getting ready to attach a leg band to this Dunnock.

On Friday morning there was more bird banding as part of our local project. The initial site isn't as productive as we'd hoped so we may try elsewhere next time. Then it was briefly home before she headed away on a weekend field trip with our local birding group. I organised it and was meant to go but since my vestibular issues have been playing up I thought it best I stayed behind. Didn't think it was fair to risk spoiling everyone else's weekend if I was totally out of commission for at least 8 hours. Highlights of the trip for Miss 16 were two Kaka flying overhead (they are her favourite bird),  a group of Westland Petrels rafting out at sea and then flying in to their mountain colony at night, a very friendly South Island Robin hopping around a picnic table plus Fernbirds scurrying among the foliage.


  1. Every time I read about your girl I am so impressed with her sense of self and her ability to fly with her passions! I'm quite inspired.

  2. It sounds like her life is very full and satisfying for her these days, that's really wonderful :-)

  3. Glad she had such a wonderful time at camp!

  4. Wow. She has a lot going on. Her experience at camp sounds amazing!

    1. October as a whole was kind of crazy. November should be much more laid back. Hopefully with plenty of time for reflection and decision making - like which university she wants to attend in 2019, which will impact on whether we homeschool next year or whether we are done. I'll feel better once the decision is made, whichever way it goes.