Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week Ending 9 April 2017

Just a few highlights and points of interest this week.

* Mr 24 departed for his new job overseas. It'll be a big change for him (his new city has a population roughly the same as our entire country) and us (although he hasn't lived at home for a few years he's lived close by so we've still seen him a fair bit.) His move has an unexpected upside for Miss 22. Since he isn't sure how long he'll be away he opted not to sell his car and has temporarily gifted it to her.

Miss 22 and Mr 24 checking out his new neighbourhood thanks to the wonders of Google Maps.

* Miss 16 and I went birding at the same lake we visited last week. It's like a completely different place. We've had a large amount of rainfall early in the week so the lake edge was greening up and full of pools and ponds.  Last week it was all mud and really dry except right at the waters edge. Lots of birds but no Arctic waders. We're guessing they've left on the long flight north.  Or else they've moved to a different part of the lake.

There were lots of new pools at the lake that we needed to wade through. Not a great way to  discover that our boots had developed holes!

* I somehow managed to finish Nicholas Nickleby in a week. I read whenever I got the chance and increased my available book time by listening to an audio version when I was cooking dinner, doing other quiet chores or simply needed to give my eyes a rest from the small print.

* Our birding group was involved in a Bioblitz - a mostly educational event to see how many species could be identified in a smallish reserve in a 24 hour period. Lots of talks and hands-on activities - a good community event.

* Homeschooling continued as normal with just two exceptions.  Miss 16 finished Carry On Mr Bowditch and has begun a focus on short stories. First up was Katherine Mansfield's The Garden Party. A few weeks ago Miss 16 finished an essay and although it wasn't bad I wasn't really satisfied with it, yet struggled to convey to her what I thought the issues were and how it could be improved. After mulling it over (and making a few frustrating false starts) I finally found success this week by reversing our roles! I made a copy of her essay and then rewrote it myself, mostly just reorganizing a few things and changing a word here and there . I was trying to make it an improved version of her essay rather than my essay.Then I had her read both my version and hers to identify three to five changes that I'd made and to say why she thought I'd made them. It seemed to work well.

* Miss 16 spend a day judging at a trampoline competition. She's aiming to resume competion herself next month.  Apparently a whole days judging is really tiring (normally she can only judge for half a day because she then has to compete herself) but she's now completed all her required judging hours for this level and can enroll in the next level course when it's held later in the year.

Miss 16 on a judging panel.

* Miss 16 is rethinking her university choices, partly because of the extra costs involved in living away from home, and also because she's not sure she could survive a year eating cafeteria food at the student accommodation! Food was the one negative of her brief university experience in January. We'll investigate some other options. Our last year of homeschooling will have to look very different depending on which university she plans to attend so I hope she can make a decision. Such a shame the local university isn't as good as any other for her purposes, the way it was for her siblings.

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  1. That is a big changes for your son and for you! Exciting too though :-) Maybe a gap year will end up being possible for your youngest? I am finding with my 17yo middle child that flexibility is going to be key these next 18 months or so!