Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week Ending 19 March 2017

Monday was a cold and wet day. I spent the first part of the morning at the out of town university while Dh taught his class.  Then it was home to help Miss 16 with statistics.There were no technological hiccups this week so it went quickly. Given the weather it was a good day to snuggle up and watch a movie - Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window for her Movies as Literature course. Mr 24 and his girlfriend came to dinner. It's the first time we've met her, in fact the first time we've had any girlfriends/boyfriends to dinner. It doesn't seem that long ago that Dh and I were introducing each other to our parents.  Funny to be on the other side of the equation. Dinner was also a chance to celebrate Mr 24 receiving a job offer in his chosen field. He's been looking since he finished his PhD last year so it's great he finally has something. The one downside is that it's overseas. Thankfully a short plane ride, rather than a long one though. And I've long since reconciled myself to that fact that my four will likely end up widely scattered.

Tuesday was also cold and wet. We were supposed to go birding but the trip was canceled.  I've got a bit of  cold so I wasn't too disappointed. Instead we stayed at home and did some bookwork. It felt like the day dragged but that was probably just the cold. We started some poetry for literature using Sound and Sense and also watched a video on birding in eastern Europe  since we didn't get out ourselves. Miss 16 of course headed to the gym in the late afternoon.  Just one class to coach today before she started training. The day's highlight was receiving notification that there had been a cancellation for next month's teen birding camp and since Miss 16 was first on the waiting list she now gets to go.

The weather on Wednesday and Thursday was much better but we didn't really do a lot with it. Both days were just routine "homeschool then trampoline" days. Nothing out of the ordinary homeschool-wise except for history. I was pleased to discover back issues of our country's top academic history journal are available online. So I found an article relating to this week' topic and had Miss 16 summarise and analyse it. Our washing machine stopped working on Wednesday. Luckily I was able to get someone out the following day and it was a fairly quick and inexpensive repair.  The machine is more than 20 years old so I'm aware it is probably on borrowed time.

This week I finished The Dollmaker and started The House Without Windows. Highly recommend The Dollmaker to anyone who hasn't read it. It isn't an easy read but it is worth the effort.

On Friday Miss 16 and I were going to go birding while Dh was at the out-of-town university. But he was still feeling miserable due to a heavy cold so decided he give his lecture but postpone office hours meaning there wouldn't be enough time to make birding worthwhile. So she knocked off some schoolwork in the morning and then we drove across town to try and track down a rare bird that has been seen in vicinity. Despite looking in all the likely places we came home empty handed again.

Saturday was the monthly field trip with our local birding group. We were guided through a remote patch of native bush. It was a pretty challenging walk - no tracks, and steep slippery terrain but the bush was lovely and there was probably the greatest number of native birds I've seen in one small place. Not a huge variety of species but large numbers of the species that were present. As the bush is allowed to regenerate further hopefully more species will move into the area. We arrived home to the news that Miss 22's best friend had just got engaged and had already booked Miss 22 in for chief bridesmaid duties. Yet another sign my kids are growing up.

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