Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week Ending 26 March 2017

It feels like it has been another uninspired week around here. I'm still slightly under the weather with a cold and the weather has been damp and dreary so I'm sure that's contributing. The other issue I'm dealing with is the realization that the university Miss 16 wants to attend will not even look at her homeschool transcript. Instead she'll have to do a short (one semester) pre-university course which will determine whether or not they will admit her. So part of me feels that what we do or don't do this year doesn't matter. Which is silly since she will still benefit from her education even if the university admissions office doesn't recognize it. So carry on homeschooling we will, even as I struggle to reach prime motivational levels!

Miss 16 started reading Carry On Mr Bowditch for literature. For some reason we never got to it when she was younger so I put it on a list of possibilities for this year. We watched and discussed To Kill a Mockingbird for her movies course and now she wants to reread the novel - after she finishes Emma, the rereading of which was also inspired by watching it for her movies course. This week she finished the first of her two grammar books - another thing I meant to tackle a year or two ago but somehow missed. Still it's never too late and we were able to whip through it pretty quickly. We tackled regression lines in statistics, a quick and simple process thanks to a new spreadsheet package Mr 19 found and installed for us. Good technology definitely makes a difference.

The highlight of Miss 16's week came on Monday. The local university was hosting a group of dogs. The opportunity to pet them was designed as therapy for stressed students I think since mid-term exams have just started! So she decided to masquerade as a university student and met up with     Miss 22 on campus to indulge in a little canine therapy! Then they went to a local cafe and shared a couple of delicious looking shakes. While she was otherwise occupied I finished The Dollmaker, a little-known gem that should be an American classic and was definitely the highlight of my reading week.


  1. Sounds a bit like our week: this 'flu finally nabbed me, and it is cold and rainy. We soldiered on with lessons .... the nice thing about having teens is they are able to grab a book and do this or that, even when we haven't the usual teaching energy!

  2. It's hard to be motivated sometimes! I've never heard of The Dollmaker, I'll have to look at it. Hope you have a lovely week!

  3. We never got to Mr Bowditch when my kids were younger either, so I'm hoping to fit it in sometime in the next year! Great week! (I'm just catching up now on some of the HOmeschool Highlights posts I missed - thanks for linking up, and sorry I was delayed in my visit!)