Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week Ending 12 March 2017

Earlier this year I worried we were too busy with the extra-curricular, fun stuff and maybe not spending enough time on academics. Now it feels like we are not doing a lot except for academics. And that doesn't make for a very interesting blog post. Nonetheless here are a few brief highlights and lowlights  from our week.

* I have a new tablet. Apparently mine was not economic to repair and luckily it was still under warranty.So the store gave me a credit and Mr 19 went and bought me a new one, since he knows more about what I want and need technology-wise than I do. My life  - barring the odd hiccup which seems inevitable when there is new technology - is now running much more smoothly!

*Miss 16 learnt about early Europeans in New Zealand, especially the sealers and whalers. We are now up to a period in history that is taught in high school so I've been able to find plenty of supplementary resources from the education section at the university library, conveniently a mere block away from home.  This week she analyzed primary sources plus tackled some questions from a high school text book.

*There was a big trampoline competition this weekend. Miss 16 wants to compete in the international section this year but her new set routine is not yet ready to compete. So she sat this one out but did judge one day instead. She's nearly completed all her required hours at the elementary level, so will be ready to move up the junior judging level later this year. Hopefully her new routine will be ready so she can compete at the next competition in April.

Judging paraphernalia. A score sheet and her logbook. Competitors start with a perfect 10 and deductions are made for each of their 10 moves which leads to the final score.

*Miss 16 wrote two articles for the next edition of the young birders magazine, plus wrote her new profile for their updated website.  She also started answering a questionnaire for a book that will include a profile on the young birders group. The book was meant to be published before Christmas last year, but the publication schedule has obviously changed.

* I got a lot of reading done last week, courtesy of waiting in the car while Dh teaches his class at the out of town university. I really enjoyed Pachinko, This is How it Always is and Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk. After watching the movie Emma and writing an essay about it, Miss 16 is now rereading the novel in her spare time.  

* Statistics caused us a few technical headaches this week and we could not get our computer programme to create normal quantile graphs exactly like those in the curriculum. However, the stated goal was more to know how to interpret the graphs than how to create them so I'm happy(ish) to let it go and move on. If Miss 16 has to create these in her future I trust she'll have access to better software and better instructions than we have at the moment.

*Miss 16 had the last of her free driving lessons. She didn't totally love the instructor and she didn't like his car at all. So I think I'll just continue to teach her myself (I'm pretty sure I'm a lot better instructor the fourth time around) and just get her one lesson with the instructor we used with the older three kids before she takes the test.  The other three all loved him and he is happy to use our car. It's much easier to pass the test if you are familiar with the route they use plus are primed inexactly what htey want in terms of hazard identification etc (talk about teachign to the test) and he is (he's also a senior tester as well as an instructor) so it'll be money well spent. The one downside is he is hard to get hold of so I'd better start trying to contact him this week.

* I published a Day in the Life post this week, for anyone interested in the nitty-gritty of our day to day.


  1. We have a friend near-by who does trampoline, too. I'd never heard of it before reading your blog, and now I'm hearing about it all over the place. :) I hope your girl gets her routine down and has an awesome meet!

  2. Best wishes for the trampoline event and the articles for the magazine! And hoping the driving lessons work out as well. Thanks for sharing about your week on Homeschool Highlights!