Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week Ending 5 February 2017

We've spent most of this week easing into new routines as we've resumed more formal/high-tide homeschooling, and the new coaching and training timetable at the gym has also started. So far, so good - if anything I'm thinking our workload is a little on the light side but I'll leave things for a few weeks before I make any changes. The first lessons and chapters are frequently easier and shorter than those which follow!

This week Miss 16 completed:

* 2 lessons from Against All Odds:Inside Statistics. The first lesson was a quick introduction; the second covered stem and leaf plots. The plan for the year is work through this at whatever speed seems appropriate - probably 2 lesson per week to begin with then dropping back to one when we hit unfamiliar material. Depending on when we finish we may tack on extra lessons probably from here.
* 1 chapter from Principles of Animal Behavior, an introduction to some of the big concepts we'll be examining in more depth as the year progresses.
* 2 chapters from The Penguin History of New Zealand. We'll be using this as a spine and adding in other resources  especially primary source material, videos and scholarly articles - as we go.
* Three acts, plus a couple of scenes from the Act 4 from Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona. There's an outdoor production of this opening next week, which is why we're starting with it. Rather than just read it we are reading as we listen along to a version by the Marlowe players that we found on Spotify.
* 1 section from Vocabulary from Classical Roots . I'm not really sure Miss 16 needs to focus on vocabulary but I had this on the shelf, it doesn't take her long and it can't hurt.
* 2 sections from Killgallon's Grammar for Middle School, one a general overview and the other looking at opening adjectives. This was on the shelf - somehow I forgot to use it with her earlier - and it'll only take 10 minutes or so a couple of times per week.  She doesn't need to focus on grammar but I like the way it uses grammar to enhance writing. Since it's only middle school level we'll whip through it in a few months before switching to another programme for the remainder of the year, another one that links grammar to improving writing quality.
* the first viewing of  movie Shane as part of her Movies in Literature course which we started over the summer.

* 17 hours at the gym either coaching or training. It was only meant to to be 14 hours but she was asked to cover a few classes for sick coaches.

On Friday we abandoned our routine went birding in the morning. Our very early start was not rewarded with the bird we'd hoped to see, so after a couple of hours we gave up and moved to another site where we were rewarded with hundreds of small waders. Well over a hundred Wrybill who have obviously finished breeding on local braided river and will soon be moving to the north of the country to spend the winter. Several hundred Banded Dotterel, many juveniles in their confusing plumage, not to mention some migratory waders from the northern hemisphere including two Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and more than thirty Red-necked Stints, including one that was already moving in to breeding plumage. Our identification and counting skills got a good workout!

The highlight of the week came on Saturday with a trip to the airport to collect Miss 22 who is finally home from her working holiday in England. Mr 24 came around and once Mr 19 got home from his cricket game we had the whole family together -  for a few hours at least!

Sheepskin lined socks - a belated Christmas gift from Miss 22 - almost have me looking forward to winter!

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  1. Those socks are pretty and look SO cozy!! I wish I lived close enough to you so I could beg to tag along on one of your birding excursions. :-)

  2. This all sounds so lovely and amazing! I think the course load sounds great, and all of it makes me miss doing all my kids' lesson plans. With only one and home and him doing all co-op classes, my teaching at home days are over!

  3. Birding...that would have been cool. Visiting from homeschool highlights.