Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week Ending 29 January 2017

It's been a busy week for Miss 16, filled with two of her favourite things, trampolining  and birds - enjoyable, but tiring too. The trampolining came in the form of  the holiday training boot camp - seven hours of training Monday-Friday. She's been on a break from trampoline since just before Christmas and missed the first week of holiday training so she could attend the zoology programme so it was no surprise that she was tired and stiff and sore for the first couple of days. By Wednesday she was back to normal and I was amazed at how energetic she was when I picked her up. Overall she had a good week's training and was delighted to learn that rule changes mean she only has to learn one new skill, not two as she had thought, before she will be able to move into the international division and then work towards her goal of being named to the national team and competing overseas. Gulp!

Once she was home from trampoline she spent the rest of each day on bird-related matters. The young birders group she's involved with is due to publish their next magazine and she had a couple of short articles to write for that. The next edition of our local group's newsletter is also due for publication. Miss 16 is the editor so had to work chasing up people for their contributions, as well as drafting her own column. Then she had an unusual bird report to submit. We'd seen a unusual bird at one of the local lakes several weeks ago. For it to be  recognised and included in official birding records a report needs to be sent to a national body which will either accept or reject it based on the details provided. Since plenty of people had seen this bird (we were definitely not the first) and photos were circulating online we assumed someone else had submitted a report but apparently not. The national body wanted this sighting officially recognised and she was approached and asked to make the report. It took awhile since she's never done one before, but it was a good learning experience. Then an opportunity arose for a a bird camp later in the year but the application needed to be returned immediately. Fingers crossed she's accepted since we've heard it filled up in 24 hours and her application wasn't in by then. We did manage to actually get out birding yesterday which is much more fun than writing about it. We were targeting four birds and thought we had a realistic chance of finding three of them. Instead we only managed one! Luckily there were a few things to console us, including the antics of a Pied Shag as it stirred up the water, dived and reemerged with an enormous fish which it somehow managed to swallow. Very amusing to watch.

Over the past couple of week's we've been struggling to keep up with Miss 22's travels since she's been so busy and so have we!

Amsterdam, Budapest, Berlin, Auschwitz, Prague and Krakow have been among Miss 22's recent visits.

One fun thing we have managed - at least a little-  is game playing. One of Dh's colleagues is pruning his extensive collection of board and card games. Rather than sell them, he's offering them to a few people who knows and we are one of the lucky ones.

Miss 16 and I have been battling for world domination with this game!

One of the best parts of the week for me was the installation of our new dishwasher. Our old one died several years ago and we'd been told it was no longer viable to repair it. Finally we've been able to replace it and I'm really grateful. I know a dishwasher is a total luxury and after being without for so long (perhaps 5 years) I really appreciate it.

Mr 19's summer class ended this week. Well classes ended. He now has a week's study break before the final exam. Then a week and a half before his new academic year begins.

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  1. It sounds like a happy week. Yay for the dishwasher. We haven't got one and it isn't a thing i hanker for, but i do understand the thrill of acquiring a longed-for labor saving device! :-)

  2. I enjoy reading about your daughter's activities and interests! I do have a question - how do you know what birds you are likely to see on a visit to an area?

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Tristan, We're lucky to have a really good guide to our local area which includes specific locations and the birds you will usually, probably or possibly see there. Ebird is a great online tool used internationally. People list the birds they see and it is searchable by area, species etc. Also we're a member of an online group where people post some of their recent sightings which is good for learning about unusual birds that have been spotted. And of course we've build up knowledge over time.