Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week Ending 4 December 2016

On Monday Miss 16 and I went birding again at the same section of the lake we visited last week. It was amazing how much it has changed in a week, with many of the ponds along the lake edge having evaporated. While the range of birds was similar, numbers were very different. Pacific Golden Plovers were nowhere to be found, but there were more than 50 Ruddy Turnstones. The week before there was only a handful. The bird of the day was a Cox's Sandpiper, a rare hybrid. We bumped into five other birders, all on the hunt for the same bird. Normally the lake is deserted, and I can only recall one other time when we've come across another birder there. The remainder of Monday was also filled with birdy things. In the afternoon we watched another episode of a marine documentary. As always the birds stole the show - at least as far as we're concerned! And in the evening we attended our birding group's last meeting of the year. The speakers shared photos and anecdotes from their visit to Botswana and Zimbabwe. Given that it was filled with birding, plus a couple of driving lessons, it's no surprise that Monday was the highlight of Miss 16's week.

Mr 19 and Mr 24 enjoyed a day walk together.

The rest of the week was filled with more driving, lots of reading, plenty of game playing and reading, and of course trampolining. As well as her regular coaching and training, she also helped assess some of the recreational athletes for their badges. We also started another movie - Arsenic and Old Lace, a dark screwball comedy starring Cary Grant. We watched it one night and she'll tackle the questions while rewatching it next week. Miss 16 also did a lot of the Christmas decorating. Pretty sure she missed her older sister since it is a job they've shared for the past few years.

As promised last week here is a video of Miss 16's new routine. It's not yet perfect but we're proud she completed it!

Miss 21 has now quit her job in Surrey and is busy travelling, which means we're looking forward to lots more virtual field trips! This week's offering include Dublin and a behind the scenes look at the Harry Potter studios.


Cliffs of Moher

Harry Potter Studio Tour

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  1. Wonderful that you were able to go birding again! And thanks for sharing Miss 21's travel photos :-)

  2. Love the travel photos! What interesting places to visit!