Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week Ending 6 November 2016

Mr 18 has been really busy this week with three of his four university exams. He's been happy with how they've gone which is good.

Meanwhile Miss 15 and I have been mostly relaxing, although she did write her column for the national birding magazine. We enjoyed watching the movie Suffragette. I did find lots of lessony things on line but in the end ditched them in favour of trying to instigate a Big Juicy Conversation since the movie provided lots of good material. Turns out Miss 15 and I aren't great at BJC's - something to work on.  We were going to rewatch The Maltese Falcon and discuss some of the questions from our Movies as Literature programme but, due to a miscommunication, the movie had already been returned. So we'll have to get it out and try again this week.

Apart from movie watching (I know Miss 15 has watched a couple of others in the evening with Dh) there has been plenty of reading and lots of game-playing. We've even got daring and added in some Scrabble and Carcassone to vary our Bohnanza heavy diet! We had a quick unplanned lesson on the American election system since Miss 15 wasn't aware of the Electoral College and how it worked. She got the idea pretty quickly but thought our system was far simpler - although not as straight forward as it was before we adopted MMP. And of course there has been trampolining. Always trampolining. At least her schedule of coaching and training is back to normal. The past couple of weeks have not been normal and it has really thrown me since I've never been sure what day it is (clearly I use the trampoline schedule to help me discern Monday from Wednesday) or what time I'm meant to be collecting her from the gym.

The week ended with two pieces of good news. Miss 15 has been accepted into a summer programme at the university she currently thinks she would like to attend - my alma mater as it happens. The week-long programme is for students about to enter either of the last two years of high school. She's been accepted into the zoology section, which should be a perfect fit for her. The only problem Miss 15 has is that it clashes with the first week of the summer trampoline programme.

And my MRI results are back. No abnormalities detected which is great. Of course the bad news is we are then back to square on with no diagnosis - or a GP who is convinced it is one thing and a specialist who is convinced it isn't.

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  1. Hoping and praying for medical clarity soon as possible! I am so sorry this struggle is continuing for you ... I am learning how to walk with grace (I hope!) with my ongoing health issues. I have two new specialists. I think they are good, so far.

    Wonderful news for your daughter re: the university program!

  2. I think (hope) that when I have clarity of diagnosis I'll find grace a bit easier to come by. I know my issues are not that bad in the scheme of things and I'll probably feel a lot better when I come to the point of being grateful for what I have rather than wistfully pining after what I currently lack.

  3. Congratulations on getting into the university of your choice!

    On a side note, the Movies as Literature program looks interesting.