Saturday, November 26, 2016

Week Ending 27 November 2016

This week was quieter and less eventful than last week - which is probably a good thing! There were several highlights though.

* Another birthday in the family. The newly minted Mr 19 sure knows how to celebrate. First up he agreed to work an extra shift - one with an early start. Then, since they were short staffed, each shift ended up being longer than planned. He worked 4 am to 1:30 pm and then 3:45 pm to 7:45 pm. After that he had to head to a Scout camp (thankfully not too far from home) to do some equipment related things. He volunteers as Quartermaster for his old Scout troop.

* Miss 16 and I went birding. This in itself has been a rare occurrence recently and it has been months since we've ventured to more out of the way spots like the one we visited this week. And, after two false starts where we barely saw a bird, we finally chanced on a good section of the lake. The highlight for both of us was a group of more than 20 Pacific Golden Plovers. It was the first time I've ever seen them, and the first time she's seen them in our area. There were also a couple of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers plus a good mix of more common species.

* We had Basil over for a visit and we're pleased to see he's still his usual exuberant self, although he definitely tires more quickly than he used to.

Feeling sad because we stopped his favourite game before he wanted. The tumour on his leg means he is not supposed to overdo things, and exercise is meant to be sedate. I don't think he appreciates the restrictions!

* Miss 16 worked on a short article for a magazine for young birders. It was an introduction to parrot species in New Zealand. Her favourite bird is one of our native parrots.

* The final trampoline competition of the year was held over the weekend. She performed a new routine and, despite an injury which limited her range of movement (she had to use her arms to lift her leg to put on her shorts since it wouldn't lift by itself!), she nailed it. Check back next week when I hope to have the video one of her friends took of the routine. Just completing the routine was the goal of the competition. Doing it well, winning her event, earning the title of provincial champion and going undefeated for the season were nice bonuses. Next year will be a very different story though since she aims to move up a level and compete in the international section. So while the competition season is over the hard training continues!

* We watched Henry V for the second time, pausing to discuss the questions from our curriculum as we went.

* There have also been plenty of on-road driving lessons. She's somewhat obsessed, more so than I expected. My life is beginning to resemble this cartoon. I guess she's looking forward to the freedom that being able to drive herself will bring, since my health woes have limited her opportunities a little.

* Miss 16 and I had a productive discussion on what she'd like to do homeschooling wise next year. So far we've settled on a general English course (it'll probably involve vocabulary and grammar as well as literary analysis of short stories, poetry and novels and I'll pull it together using stuff that's on our shelf that various older siblings used previously), Statistics (more one that she sees the need to do rather than really wants to do) and Animal Behaviour. We'll probably go the textbook route for both of these (anyone know of a great beginning statistics text for budding ornithologists/ zoologists?) and I'll spend the next couple of weeks researching options before letting her make the final decision. That will leave us with one more course to settle on. I've got lots of social science suggestions but I don't think Miss 16 is totally enamoured with any of them. So I'm toying with the idea of waiting until she returns from her university summer school course in January before we make a decision. I'm pretty sure that university isn't as homeschool friendly as the one her siblings have attended and they may be looking for particular things on her transcript. Waiting would probably mean the fourth course won't be ready to go at the start of our academic year (which I think is just a week after the summer course ends) but there's nothing wrong with easing back into academic work.

You can never have too many dog photos! And I don't have any others this week.

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  1. I wish I had a statistics text recommendation for you . . . but I don't.

    Congrats to your girl on all of her trampoline success! That's exciting! I so enjoy reading about her finding and defining her unique self. I see the same happening with one of my daughters, but I have a couple who are having a hard time in this area.

  2. Glad you joined us on Homeschool Highlights this week - I enjoyed reading the highlights from your week. Congrats to your daughter on her successes!