Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week Ending 13 November 2016

This week was very much like the last - lots of time spent at home reading and playing games, plenty of driver's education so Miss 15's 100% ready to take the theory test, plus time in kitchen baking. Of course we also watched the US election unfold. Intersting to observe and to compare the US electoral and political system with our own.

One of Miss 15's current reads.

There was also movie watching. We rewatched and discussed questions for The Maltese Falcon. The rewatching and questions for The Philadelphia Story  a week or two ago didn't go as well as I'd have liked so I tried a slightly different approach this time. I gave her the questions in advance and told her to pause the DVD to answer and discuss them when she was ready. Last time I had the questions and decided when to pause the DVD.  This worked much better - always pleasing when a small tweak delivers good rewards! I'm impressed with the Movies as Literature curriculum so far. Watching movies doesn't really feel like school, yet there is lots of literary analysis happening with the discussion questions and there'll be more next year when we delve into the essay questions as well. Writing essays does feel like school so we're avoiding them until the summer break is done!

We also resumed some much needed purging this week. Apparently a work order has finally been issued for our house and it seems likely we'll have to pack everything up and move out for several weeks. No sense moving boxes and boxes of stuff we don't actually use or want anymore. Today we sorted through a cupboard full of puzzles, art supplies and science kits. Most of it we've outgrown so I'm happy to pass it all on. Although some stuff was surprisingly difficult to part with. Like the felt board and all the pieces that Dh and I lovingly made for Mr 24 when he was a toddler. I know they won't last for any theoretical  future grandchildren and sadly I don't know any mums with littlies but I still considered keeping them. I've also started rigorously purging my recipe book collection. If I don't regularly make at least 5 recipes from it then the book goes. Miss 15 has been copying out any recipes I want to keep from the unwanted books - her handwriting is lot neater than mine!

One of the highlights of the week  for Miss 15 was attending a talk about Fairy Terns, yet another of our endangered bird species. The woman who spoke had been closely involved in observing and monitoring them last breeding season. I think that's the sort of work Miss 15 would like to do so she found the talk especially interesting.

I struggled a bit this week with the feeling that we aren't doing enough - even though  we have actually finished our formal academics for the year and even though I fully believe in the importance of "margin" and plenty of downtime and not being overscheduled. I suspect part of what I'm struggling with is that much of this quiet period is a result of my health restrictions, not purely by choice. I do worry it unfairly limits Miss 15 - not that I can actually do  much about it. Still it is worth considering what I can offer her within the current constraints, either getting her out more or finding something else that we can do together at home. And I'm really grateful that she has trampolining. Between training and coaching it takes up close to 20 hours per week - much needed social time for her if nothing else!

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  1. I hear you with the whole getting rid of stuff which bring back memories of when the children were small. I still have all the big Lego which my girls don't play with anymore but I can't seem to give away because of the memories attached to them.

  2. I'll bet my 16 year old would love that movies as literature course. I'm going to check it out. :)

  3. I hope you all are safe and ok after this latest earthquake!

  4. Thanks for asking Ellie. We certainly felt the quake but our city didn't seem to suffer any damage. Place north of us were bot so lucky.