Saturday, October 15, 2016

Week Ending 16 October 2016

With this being the official first week of the last school term of the year most kids are back to their books. But Miss 15 is officially 'done' for the year. So what did she choose to do in this child-led, delight-directed, low-tide week?

She spent a lot of time on Drivers Education. She turns 16 next month and will then be able to sit the theory test for her learner's license, which will enable her to get behind the wheel so long as there is a qualified person in the passenger seat to supervise and give instruction and guidance. She was looking forward to Miss 21 taking on that role but since she is still in England Miss 15 will have to make do with me. Anyway she spent a lot of time reading the road code and taking quizzes. She's already pretty good at the practical, on-road things but will need put some effort into memorising the more abstract, less useful stuff eg the amount of alcohol adults can legally have in their blood while driving.

We watched The Philadelphia Story - perfect for livening up a grey day. One of the things Miss 15 said she wanted to do this summer was watch a lot of movies. Shortly after that I stumbled across the Movies as Literature curriculum. A perfect fit! The current, very loose, plan is to watch about half the movies over the summer and just discuss the questions. Then next year, once we are back in our academic high tide we'll watch the remaining movies and she'll write some essays and do some of the suggested extension projects. The Philadelphia Story was a good first pick since we could make links between it and the slapstick tradition which Miss 15 recently studied.

She fitted in one birding trip - a low key walk through the Botanic Gardens with members of our local birding group. Lots of nests, eggs and chicks. The weekend bush walk had to be cancelled since the track was very slippery and the stream they had to cross was running high - not so safe for older members of the group. Hopefully it can be rescheduled.

Mr 18 had an eventful week. His last week of lectures at university. Just final exams and then his first year is finished. Over the weekend he was busy with JOTI - Scouting's international  Jamboree on the Internet. He had to take some time out though to attend the official presentation of his Queens Scout Award. It's the highest award in Scouting and was presented by the Governor-General, so quite a big deal. Mr 18 ended up having to leave early and miss the refreshments and informal mingling at the end since there was a technical crisis back at JOTI and he was the only one who could fix it.

I was absolutely gutted to have to miss the ceremony entirely since I was felled by the worst of a health problem I've been suffering on and off (sadly a lot more on than off lately) since last year. I couldn't even sit up let alone get out of bed. Thankfully I've finally received an appointment for an MRI which I've been waiting for for nearly six months. It will be nice to hopefully have a definitive diagnosis (and a cure) - right now one doctor says its one thing and another says it isn't.

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  1. Oh how I sympathize with you over the chronic health conditions that take for.ever and a day to properly diagnose!! I am so sorry you have been so afflicted as well all this while and that you have had to wait so long for the MRI! And here I was, thinking 2-4 weeks was 'long'! {{gentle hugs}} and hopes and prayers for better days ahead.

  2. I'm so sorry about the health condition! I know how hard that sort of thing can be. I love the sounds of the movies as literature though. There are so many good movies that I always want to expose my kiddos to. Sounds like a fun plan.