Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fortnight Ending 30 October 2016

The past fortnight has been very quiet, low-key and mainly spent at home. Miss 15 and I did manage one birding trip though. The highlight was a Grey Teal duckling. We've seen plenty of  adult Grey Teal before, but neither one of us could recall previously seeing a duckling.

There's been plenty of game playing with multiple games of  Bohnanza most days.

At home there has been lots of reading and plenty of driver's ed. It's less than three weeks until she can book to sit the test and she' s got most of the material mastered. Just a few curly sections that will need to be memorized. We re-watched The Philadelphia Story and discussed many of the questions in the Movies as Literature guide. We also watched The Maltese Falcon (we'll re-watch it and tackle the questions this week) and Jane Eyre. That was just for fun, although we did  chat about how the film compared to the novel and what we thought about Mr Rochester and Jane's relationship with him. Miss 15 has also been busy preparing to publish our birding group's newsletter - the final edition for the year. There has also been plenty of trampolining - more coaching and less training than normal since her coach and many of her clubmates were at an international competition. Lots of time was also spent watching the livestream from the competition. Finally there's been life skills. She made delicious gingersnaps one day and on another planned the menu for the forthcoming week and then did all the supermarket shopping since I was indisposed.

Rolling the gingersnaps in sugar makes them delicious, if  not healthy!

So nothing very inspiring but we are in a low-tide period after all.

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  1. Low tide is a time to be cherished. Life seems to more naturally flow into high tide most of the time! {{hugs}}