Friday, September 16, 2016

Fortnight Ending 18 September 2016

Academically it has been a productive couple of weeks.

* Miss 15 finished the Introduction to Animal Behaviour  MOOC. As well as watching the lectures she was busy working on her assignment. She conducted an experiment to monitor the food choices of garden birds and see whether they matched predictions she made based on a theoretical model. They didn't!  But that was fine. It was a great learning experience, not to mention the opportunity to practice correct protocols for scientific writing. Once her report was submitted she then had to peer review the work of four of her course mates.

Animal Behaviour was an unexpected,  recent addition to our studies but it has been a highlight, and a great extension to her interest in ornithology.

*The course on slapstick in the movies is injecting some light relief into our days. We started with silent movies last week - think Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd - before analyzing the transition to talkies this week. This isn't really my genre but I'm learning a lot since I'm watching alongside Miss 15. The course is a little frustrating since the workload varies from week to week, and is released in a piecemeal fashion rather than in one chunk at the at start of the week. Planning is difficult but we're coping so far.

Nothing like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd to lighten a heavy homeschool day.

* She's on the final stretch with Algebra 2 but it has been slow going as logarithms have been tripping her up. The highlight of my week was being able to figure out where she was going wrong with one type of problem and explain it in a way she understood!

Miss 15 is definitely "anti" when it comes to logarithms!

* Miss 15 finished a section on child labour in the Progressive era by drafting a speech to Congress outlining her recommended approach to the issue. She's now researching present day child labour issues in developing countries. She did  note the irony of having to stop research so she could get ready to go to work herself!

Basil's family is home from holiday so we've farewelled him for now.
* In ornithology she has been researching senses in birds and prepared a PowerPoint presentation on taste. We also took a group field trip to a small local reserve. I ended up waiting in the car. The good thing about this reserve is how much you can see from the car park. The highlight was two Grey Ducks who, due to interbreeding with Mallard Ducks, are becoming rare. I don't think we saw a single one all last year.

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