Friday, August 12, 2016

Week Ending 7 August 2016

Mostly this has been a much more productive week than last week.

* Algebra has gone smoothly and I think I was only required to help with one problem all week.
* Miss 15 started on a new writing project. I've asked her to pick a controversy in birding circles, pick a side and then write a persuasive papers. We're going to take this one slowly and follow the Brave Writer approach to writing projects. This week was all about researching, selecting the topic and saturating herself in it. She's opted to write about a proposal to reintroduce an endangered species to an area near us.
The  highlight of the week for Miss 15 was discovering that her favourite brand of potato chips has a new flavour - her favourite ever. She's talking of stockpiling in case they are just a temporary addition to the range!

* In ornithology she completed another section of the spine we are using for bird anatomy. We listened to a TED talk on early ornithologists and discovered a new (to us - they've been around for a while) set of lessons from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We completed the one of Species Concepts in Birds. We also observed our favourite albatross chick which is getting ever closer to fledging. The only thing we didn't get to was a field trip. I've suffered a flare up of a health problem and didn't feel up to much. Hopefully it will settle soon, In the meantime we'll carry on with the theory and look forward to a week of field work when I'm doing better.
* She also made steady progress with history. I've jiggled things a bit since the unit is designed for a group and the current flow doesn't work so well for just one student. We'll still complete it - just in a way that works better for us.

Despite a busy week time was set aside to read this.

* The weekend was dominated by a trampoline competition. Miss 15 judged tumbling, a discipline she isn't really familiar with, on Friday night. She competed on Saturday and came away with two first placings. On Sunday she was supposed to volunteer as a recorder and a marshall but ended up on judging panels for virtually the entire day. Probably a good thing since she needs a certain amount of experience before she can enrol in the next level judging.

Watching a video of last year's Nationals was a good way to practise her judging skills before the weekend's competition. Hard to believe this year's Nationals begin next month.

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  1. Fun competition it sounds like, and a good school week too.

  2. Stopping by from the Weekly Wrap Up. Sounds like you have had a good week! That's so awesome that your daughter competes and judges trampoline. Two of my daughters are gymnasts. Have a great week next week!

    1. Two in gym must take up a lot of time and energy! One is bad enough but here at least trampolinists don't have to train as many hours as the gymnasts.

    2. Two in gym must take up a lot of time and energy! One is bad enough but here at least trampolinists don't have to train as many hours as the gymnasts.

  3. How are you liking the cursed child? I've heard such mixed review about it.

  4. Mostly I liked it - not as much as my favourite HP books but still a good read. It helped to somehow treat it as separate from the orignal books. The play format helped with that, although certain bits probably would be better seen than read. It was odd to meet the characters as adults. Some I liked more than their younger selves; others not as much. Younger kids might not relate to the storyline of parent/child difficulties, especially when seen from the adult perspective. Overall it's worth a read, but not as strong as my favorite HP books.