Friday, August 5, 2016

Week Ending 31 July 2016

This has not been the ideal, productive resumption of our formal homeschooling studies that I'd hoped for. We did learn several things though.

* Daily hospital visits take an hour and a half to two hours out of our day. Funnily enough trying to fit the regular amount of work into a condensed time frame doesn't really work.

* If the gym then gets short of coaches due to sickness and sudden resignations and Miss 15 agrees to work more than twice as many shifts as normal then we have even less time for homeschooling.

* When the next edition of the birding newsletter she edits is also due out then the available time shrinks even more. Having to write her column for the national birding magazine plus a small piece for a magazine for young birders only compounds the problem.  Almost to the point where I consider waving my white flag of surrender and giving up on formal academics entirely!

* Maths knowledge seems to leak out of Miss 15's brain fairly quickly over a two week break, and that which remains seems to take longer to retrieve and apply. It's almost enough to make me rethink the benefit of breaks but I know they have benefit and  normal performance returns within a couple of days - thankfully. However, Monday's math was painful and I found myself grumpily asking why our version of Saxon Algebra 2 does not include a handy reference to the lesson that covers the material in each problem. I'm sure all our other Saxon books did (just a small number in brackets below the problem number) and it would have saved me so much time when I was attempting to help. Miss 15 isn't the only one who forgets the finer points of Algebra without regular practice!

* Discovering that most of the links in our new history programme no longer work does not put me in a good mood. Especially when I'm already a little tired and cranky since I've had a bad run of not sleeping properly this week. Waking at 2 am and still being awake at 6 am is not my idea of a good time. When I checked over the programme I didn't bother checking the links. Lesson learnt.

Despite these trials we actually did manage some formal homeschooling. Maths was completed everyday. Decisions were made about what would be pursued in ornithology this term and Miss 15 began work on a section on anatomy. We'll be primarily using Jonathan Elphick's The World of Birds as our spine and utilising different learning and comprehension techniques on each section. We'll be breaking it up with field trips, some lab work and a variety of other short lessons and activities. Two out of three history lessons were completed and the first draft of last term's incomplete writing assignment - a critique of a scientific paper - was completed.

We'll be using this book, especially the section on anatomy- a lot this term.

Oh, and thanks to Miss 21 we enjoyed a virtual trip to the Lake District.

The Lake District - a pleasant reminder of all our Swallows and Amazons read-alouds from when the kids were younger.

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  1. Oh dear what a week -- we have those too! And, if it's any comfort, none of us are liking Algebra 2 (grumpy! After Algebra 1 and Geometry went so well) and it is taking my two longer to move thru. Unexpectd. But we soldier on. And yes! Breaks are bad where maths is concerned! I hope next week is a little smoother for you!

  2. I feel ya. It's why I require my kids do Basic Math and drills even though high school until they are taking college level math. They seem to hemorrhage facts about fractions, complex division, decimals and exponents for some reason.

    1. It's not so much facts, more concepts, applications and what to tackle when in multi-step, complicated problems. She spent most of this break overseas on a training camp with her trampoline club. No way would maths drills have been happening. Making the most of her first ever time overseas (especially since she funded it herself) was far more important. And by the end of the week maths was back to normal - not like but close to 100% accurate.

  3. It sounds like life won over homeschooling this week. There are plenty of lessons in life, so don't be disheartened.
    Blessings, Dawn