Monday, August 29, 2016

Week Ending 28 August 2016

A mostly uneventful week. I did manage to get out birding with Miss 15 early in the week. While I wasn't at my best ( and neither was the birding) it was good to actually be out and enjoy the sea air.

Our gate has a conveniently located knothole. Perfect for Basil to watch all our comings and goings from. He likes going in the car but isn't the best birding companion!

Most of the week was spent plugging away at bookwork. Miss 15 has opted to up her maths lessons from 4 to 5 per week in the hope of being done by the end of September. Algebra 2 is the highest level of maths that we require and to say she is looking forward to being finished is an understatement! I'm hoping to entice her into some statistics since I think it will serve her well in university and beyond (she's likely to pursue zoology/ecology/animal behaviour or the like), but it will ultimately be her choice.She also worked through another couple of chapters of BraveWriter's Help for High School, three sections of our history unit, and completed three sections from the spine we are using for bird anatomy.

Homemade Cinnamon Scrolls were the perfect addition to a cold, miserable day . Hopefully it was winter's last hurrah and spring will soon be with us.

The highlight of our bookwork was the Animal Behaviour MOOC. This week was all about animal communication. We've done a few MOOCs over the years and they've generally all been highlights. Obviously I should aim to include more in our future. However, it can be hard to plan with MOOCs since they are  not always advertised far in advance. I'm glad we were able to fit this one into our schedule despite only becoming aware of it just before it started. One advantage to not over-filling our year with academics is the ability to easily take advantage of opportunities like this when they arise.
Plenty of reading this week.

In other news Mr 24 can now officially be referred to as Dr since he successfully passed the oral defense of his PhD thesis. It's in the field of computational chemistry and I'll admit to not fully understanding what he has been doing for the last few years! He was still plagued by laryngitis and his voice only just held out but he is officially finished.  We're really proud of him and all the hard work he has put in over the years to get this far.

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  1. Glad this may be her last year of math. If she plans on doing college, I'd keep up her review, otherwise, enjoy having the room for new adventurous subjects.