Friday, July 29, 2016

Week Ending 24 July 2016

I spent the first two days of this week (well not the entire days but a couple of hours each day) doing a little homeschool preparation and planning so we can start our second semester with a bang. Top of my agenda was reviewing the options for the ornithology buffet course and deciding which would be of most value. I'm happy to let Miss 15 make her own choices but she often wants my input so I wanted to be prepared. I also familiarized myself with the problem based learning unit Miss 15 will be using for history, and tried to make some decision about what to do next for writing. Despite officially homeschooling for 19 years I'm still looking for the perfect approach to writing.

Wednesday was a busy day. It was our oldest son's birthday so he came for dinner. Nice to know my home cooking is still valued! Then we had a trip to the airport to collect Miss 15 after her trip to Australia. Her group's first flight  was delayed meaning we weren't sure they would actually make the connection. Luckily they were all speedy runners! Despite some issues with her host family, Miss 15 had a great time. The training facilities were far superior to what her club can provide - recovery sessions in the pool were a real luxury.

It's obviously a top-class facility since it is where Australia's Olympic trampolinist trains. He was training with them in some sessions - so she'll have another athlete to follow when the Olympics starts. As well as plenty of training, plus a small competition, they managed some sightseeing and other fun activities.

Scenes from Adelaide, Australia

After a hard days training the perfect way to relax is obviously to visit a trampoline park! You can never do too much trampolining

Mega Adventure provided another great workout (plus plenty of fun up in the air) after training one day.

More scenes from Adelaide.

We'd hoped to arrange a birding trip for Miss 15 while she was there. That wasn't possible but she did manage to spot and identify quite a few birds while she was travelling to and from the gym and other places.

I'd arranged to have Basil for the day on Thursday. It always warms our hearts to see how pleased he is to see us. Sadly he has been diagnosed with bone cancer and the prognosis is not good so it was extra nice to spend some time with him. We're luckily his family is still happy to share him.

Basil feeling sad because we wouldn't play his favourite hose game - our lawn was too wet to cope with any more water!

On Friday Miss 15 spent all day working at a school holiday programme at her gym. The plan for the weekend was to basically relax and we did manage some of that on Saturday. But then we got a call from my mother-in-law to say she'd tripped in her garden and thought she had broken her wrist. Two attempts to realign the bones were unsuccessful so she was eventually admitted to hospital where she is awaiting surgery. As a result I'm predicting next week won't be as productive as I'd hoped.

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  1. I'm still finalizing some plans for our homeschool year as well - and I have a 15yo daughter too! :) Love that last photo of your dog.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jamie. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for your year, and for hearing more about your turtle work. That looks like an amazing opportunity.