Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week Ending 5 June 2016

A bit of a disrupted week this week, with lots of extra work hours for Miss 15 - she ended up working four times as many hours as usual, medical appointments for me, and sickness for most everybody - nothing serious but enough to have us struggling with energy and motivation.

In amongst this there were a couple of highlights though.

* Miss 15 and I attended a conference on braided rivers. It was full of short presentations by graduate students, government conservation staff and private ecologists. Some focused especially on birds, while others looked at other aspects of the braided river ecosystem. Some of the presentations were depressing - habitat degradation, declining populations etc - while others were more inspiring looks at research that might help to turn the depressing picture around, at least a little. It tied in beautifully with her ornithology course plus the ecology and conservation course she just completed.  Again I'm grateful that  I don't have to count hours and stress about whether I should credit this conference to Course A or Course B!

* We also enjoyed a virtual field trip to Cardiff, courtesy of Miss 21.

One of the highlights (for her and us) was the amazing art collection at the National Museum. Good to know that the art appreciation we did when she was homeschooling had an impact!

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