Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fortnight Ending 19 June 2016

An update from the last couple of weeks.

* Mr 23 finally submitted his PhD thesis and has now started a short term research position while he looks for a job that is more permanent and in a field he ideally wants to work in.

* Mr 21 made another trip to London and ventured across the channel to Paris. We've been delighted to virtually join her. She's currently battling work issues - a contract guaranteeing a certain number of hours work per week is not being honoured and fewer hours means less money which means less travel which means she is in the process of looking for a new job even though she is otherwise happy and settled where she is. Hopefully she finds something soon so it doesn't put too large a dampener on her big adventure.

London sightseeing this time included 221B Baker Street, Trafalgar Square, Madame Tussauds, Covent Garden Market, Oxford Street and Leicester Square among others.

Scenes from Paris

Some Parisian architecture.

* Mr 18 is in the middle of exams. His first semester as a full time university student is nearly complete which I find hard to believe. His approach to university is very different from mine and his older siblings but he seems to be doing fine so I bite my tongue as much as I can.

* Miss 15's homeschooling continues much as always. Now that her university ecology and conservation class is finished we're switching to a study on child labour. It's a little slow to get underway since neither of us seems clear as to exactly what she wants to do or should do with it but I think progress is beginning to be made. Right now she is focusing on the period of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. We managed a few birding trips - some more successful than others which is the way it goes. Last weekend was another trampoline competition. She volunteered as a recorder one day and competed the other, coming away with a first and second placing.

* I've been spending far too much time and money at the physiotherapists trying to deal with some annoying health issues. The physio is helping me with the symptoms (although I'm still far from where I would like to be) while I await some more tests to see if we can discover the underlying cause. Since I've been very limited in terms of what I can do (I've been on a sort of elimination diet but for activities rather than food) I've plowed through a pile of books. The Forgetting Time, East of Eden, Ordinary Grace and The Makioka Sisters have been the highlights. The Book of Night Women by Marlon James was probably the most memorable of my recent reads but it was graphic and confronting, and I'm still unsure whether or not I'm pleased I read it! Powerful but definitely not enjoyable.

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