Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week Ending 29 May 2016

A fairly uneventful week. Miss 15 just worked through her usual routine of homeschooling, coaching and trampoline training. She had the last class for her university ecology and conservation course. Now that it is over we'll have a lot more time in our days. Given the travel and the mid morning time slot each one hour lecture ended up swallowing an entire morning. Still it was worth it since she enjoyed it, learnt a lot and it possibly helped her decision making about what to do when she's finished homeschooling. I'm glad she pursued the opportunity.

The only real highlights of the week have come from our virtual field trip to England courtesy of Miss 21. This week we "visited" Oxford (including a side trip to Hogwarts) plus Guildford.

Views from Oxford - plus Hogwarts dining area!

More scenes from Oxford, including a helpful sign if you are trying to get to Wonderland

Oxford shops and other buildings.

We also had a bonus experience - sampling English snack food - thanks to a large parcel sent by Miss 21. We didn't eat it all at once!

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