Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week Ending 24 April 2016

It's the first week of a two week school break here and although homeschoolers don't have to follow the official school year we tend to take our breaks at the same time.

Miss 15 was certainly ready for a break. She spent the first couple of days being delightedly unemployed, then spent a day working full time at a school holiday programme at her gym. We also kept an eager eye on the gymnastics Olympic test event where our country earned a spot  in trampolining at the actual Olympics for the first time ever. Definitely looking forward to watching that in August.

Miss 15 is now away at an ornithology camp for teens, She attended the first ever one last year.  This year's is at a different place - the location of a field camp she attended last year.  I've had a couple of brief texts - enough to know that she's enjoyed mist netting and banding, has learnt a few new things, and has seen two new (to her) bird species. Sadly, her camera appears to have died so I doubt there will be many, if any photos to see on her return.

Miss 15 in the back, scoping for birds at the teen camp. 

The real highlight of the week was attending Miss 21's graduation ceremony. Since Dh was up on stage as part of the official academic party the rest of us were given reserved front-row seats which was a nice bonus. Afterwards we all went  for a celebratory dinner out.  I think the last time we all ate out as a family was when Mr 23 graduated!

Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours. 
So proud of all the hard work Miss 21 put in to achieving her degree and am looking forward to watching as she embarks on her next big adventure - which starts next week!

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