Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fortnight Ending 10 April 2016

Last Week - Just two highlights in a mostly routine, uneventful week. Miss 15 made another good pick for her ornithology course and we started a unit from HHMI Biointeractive on The Origin of Species: The Beak of the Finch. Lots of good quality science and based on actual research. Especially fun was sorting finches based on their song, spectrograms of their song, and then their beak.

The weekend was all about a trampoline competition - her first as a judge. She loved the experience, learnt a lot and is convinced she'll carry on judging even after she retires from competition. I was worried that judging, then having to change and compete before racing off to change and then resume judging might affect her performance but she had a little more downtime than I feared, her routines went smoothly and she won her event. All in all a good weekend.

This Week

Monday - This should have been a really productive day at home since Miss 15 didn't have her usual university class and she didn't have to be at the gym. Instead we opted to exercise our "visitation" rights and borrowed Basil for the day. I'm not sure who was happier - girl or dog! A great day spent loving and playing with the Boxer.

It didn't take him long to get back into all his bad old habits - like sleeping on beds!

Miss 15 also spent time analyzing the trampoline results and seeing whether or not the marks she gave aligned with those given by the more experienced judges. Mostly they were so she felt reasonably happy with her first judging performance. In the evening we attended our monthly birding meeting and enjoyed the presentation by a wildlife photographer.

Tuesday - First up was a drive to the out of town university for Miss 15's Ecology class. A lecture on pest control today. Then home for an early lunch and time to squeeze in a few hours homeschooling before heading to the gym. She is working twice as many hours as normal this week since the head coach and a couple of the senior athletes (one of whom also does a lot of coaching) are at an overseas competition - hence lots of their classes need coach cover. She made good progress on her latest writing assignment. We're just started using Help for High School from Bravewriter.

No complaints from her so far and I've been impressed with what she's produced. I love the focus on developing the writer's voice. For some reason maths just wasn't working today. She eventually did get through most of the lesson but it took a while! And our plans to make a start on a statistics based ornithology lesson were thwarted by an uncooperative printer! The day ended with more than five hours at the gym - coaching and training.

Wednesday - The day started with a delivery of a load of firewood which needed to be moved and stacked.

Then I was felled for several hours by a health issue which has plagued me on and off since last year. That put paid to our plans for ornithology. Miss 15 wasn't in a mood for writing either but did get on a maths roll and completed two and a bit lessons. Then it was another 5 plus hours at the gym.

Thursday - University class took up most of the morning. In the afternoon we finally managed to get to ornithology. It was a lesson involving statistical analysis and graphing based on actual data collected from finches on the Galapagos Islands.

Since Miss 15 was not familiar with standard deviation or Excel spreadsheets this was one lesson I really needed to be involved with. (Confession - I'm not familiar with Excel and my recollection of standard deviation is very rusty. Thankfully Mr 18 is doing a statistics course at university and is very up-to-date. So he taught me and then I taught her.) A great lesson which involved lots of learning for her and introduced her to yet another aspect of her potential career. We also checked out the albatross cam and saw the chick receiving a supplementary feed since it has lost a little weight over the past week. The rangers provide written updates and answer questions. It has been interesting to learn more details of how this species is managed. Miss 15 squeezed in a maths lesson as well before spending the rest of the day coaching and training.

Friday - Today was crazy. I turned my cellphone on about 9:30 and discovered a flurry of texts and missed calls. One of the coaches was out sick and Miss 15 was desperately needed to coach for a couple of hours in the morning A few more messages resulted in her coaching 5.5 hours (normally she does one hour) plus training straight after. Result - the only bookwork that got done today was a little review of her university course material in the morning before I turned on my phone!  Luckily homeschooling is flexible but I'm glad all our days and weeks aren't like this one.

Weekend - An early start on Saturday morning as Miss 15 did yet more relief coaching at the gym. All in all she has done more than four times her usual hours this week. The rest of the weekend has been spent relaxing - reading, and watching her club mates plus other members of the national team compete at an overseas competition - gotta love live streaming. A pair of bronze medals for the team made for satisfying viewing.

Hopefully the restful weekend will contribute to next week being an academically productive one.

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  1. Phew! That's a busy week! The ornithology course looks wonderful!