Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Brave Blogging: Awesome Adulting

One of the buzz phrases in the Bravescopes community is "awesome adulting" - the idea that we homeschool mums should have a satisfying, nourishing and enriching adult life. After all it is the only one we are getting! And it's not selfish. As Julie says in her Awesome Adulthood scope "One of the best gifts you can give your kids is to lead an awesome adult life so that they will be inspired to want to become awesome adults themselves."

However, sometimes trying to be an awesome adult can feel like too much pressure. If we don't have the time/energy/money to pursue that awesome goal we have are we letting ourselves and our kids down? I don't think so. Hold on to those big dreams  - their time might come! In the meantime all of us can manage to add a little smaller scale awesome adulting into our lives right now.

Intellectual stimulation is important to me and I love to read. Right now reading is central to my awesome adulting. A couple of years ago I signed up to the Classics Club Challenge where I committed to read and then blog about 50 classic works of literature in a five year period. I've enjoyed broadening my reading even if I don't always enjoy writing about what I've read. This year I've taken on a couple of other reading challenges as well  - this one from Popsugar and this one from Modern Mrs Darcy. No blogging required for either thankfully and they are encouraging me to tackle genres I don't normally read as well as giving me some new, quirky ways to pick my next read. I still read plenty of books just for fun too, even if they don't fit any of the categories in my various challenges. Since my kids are all teens and older I have more time for reading than I did when they were younger. Then my awesome adult reading was more limited - a magazine subscription was a valued treat and I'd occasionally tackle a novel - but a light one since my sleep deprived brain wasn't that good at concentrating! But it still counted. My kids could see me taking time to do something that I enjoyed.

For several years I've been interested in the idea of learning yoga. Trying to find the time and money to attend a class has always been a challenge. But this year I took the plunge and started practising at home with the aid of online videos. Thank you Yoga with Adriene! At some stage I might manage to take a class but doing videos at home lets me enjoy perusing this new interest right now, rather than waiting for that magical "one day".

Another thing that is important to me is getting outdoors. My daughter is a keen birder, an interest we share. Whenever we take a birding trip it is awesome adulting for me, homeschooling for her (we'll be putting ornithology on her high school records for this year) and it's positive one-on-one time for both of us. However sometime I'll be keen to go birding and she isn't.  In years gone by I might have just dropped it and waited until she wanted to come as well. Not any more. Now I'll continue alone simply because I'm interested and I know I feel better if I get my quota of outdoor time.

While the identity of homeschooler is always going to be a central part of my adulthood (I've been at it for nearly 20 years already and I've got a few more to go) it is not the only part of my adulthood. Yes, it has required some sacrifices or concessions (much as I would like to go birding in Central ) Park next year the fact that we've been on one income for so many years means that simply cannot happen) along the way.  Homeschooling can be a big part of any awesome adulthood but you can and should have other parts as well. Even if, like mine, they are relatively small.

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