Saturday, March 26, 2016

Week Ending 27 March 2016

This has been a much more successful week in terms of the choices Miss 15 has made from her ornithology buffet course. She completed a set of three lessons entitled Evolution in Paradise from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Sleuth programme. Then she started a unit Discovering the Ecological Role of Birds, part of the Birds Without Borders programme. The content in both of these units was solid and I loved the way they were based on, or integrated, real scientific research. Seeing how professional ornithologists conduct their research was fascinating. It certainly highlighted the hard work and patience essential for field work!

We've also been continuing to make observations of the Northern Royal Albatross chick. It's engrossing watching it grow, begin to explore the world outside the nest and learn to defend itself from curious/bullying adolescent birds.

As I wrote last week I had some reservations about the feedback Miss 15 received from an online essay course. Well, this week I found someone who is considering offering an essay marking service. Basically you will submit an essay your child has written and they will provide a written critique. While she fine tunes exactly how the service will operate she wanted a few essays to practise on. Perfect timing for me and I'm looking forward to receiving her feedback. It should give me more idea of the way I want to proceed with this year's writing course.

Algebra and ecology just hummed along nicely - four lessons and three classes respectively. Apart from driving her to class I have nothing to do with ecology and there is just the odd algebra problem each week that she needs help with. I'm almost out of a job - which is just as it should be.

Large parts of the weekend were spent in the kitchen - making hot cross buns and Easter eggs as well as processing all the bounty we've recently been given including peaches, cucumbers, quinces and hazelnuts.

We also spent some time in the garden tidying up and harvesting the last of our own produce.

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