Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week Ending 13 March 2016

This week has been marred by sickness. It's been going around the workplaces of both Miss 15 and Mr 18 so it isn't surprising that they've both succumbed. Nothing major, although Miss 15 did miss coaching and training one day. Enough to have them operating substantially below normal though.

As a result Miss 15's homeschooling was pretty lacklustre. She did complete her online essay course, 3 maths lessons and attended three ecology lectures. Ornithology took the biggest hit. No field trips this week and fairly minimal bookwork. She did begin a project pack on owls. It's on a pretty low level so we are beefing it up a bit, moving through it quickly and treating it as a little light interlude before we get back to heavier duty material this week.

All the kids ended up working extra hours earlier in the week, covering for workmates who were out sick. Mr 18's role expanded and he did a fair bit of hands-on baking (he's officially an assistant who packs, cleans and does customer service). He was pretty proud of his handiwork.

Our country is coming to the end of a process to decide whether or not we should change our existing flag. Our ballot papers arrived this week. It was Mr 18's first time voting. Miss 15 and I took the opportunity to read through the official material, plus some of the material from those on either side of the issue and analysed the various arguments and campaigns. Interestingly in our house we're split 50/50. Two of us favour keeping the existing flag and two want to switch to the alternative.

Dh and I attended a cultural festival over the weekend. A chance to view different cultural performances and sample a variety of ethnic food.

Miss 15 was well enough to attend a youth retreat for young coaches at her gym. By all accounts she had a good time, and hopefully learnt something that will help her be a better coach.

A shot taken by somebody else from last weekend's competition .

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  1. Your daughter is a trampoliner too? L will be interested in her coaching. She would like to do that, but over here you can't start training until she is 16, so a bit to wait yet.