Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week Ending 7 February 2016

The academic part of our first week back at this homeschooling gig has gone reasonably smoothly. The first four lessons of Algebra 2 have been completed with no difficulties or no complaints. I wish I could say the same about the Expository Essay class from Fortuigence. It requires her to brainstorm and plan before writing and apparently Miss 15 does not like to do those things. Normally she just skips straight to the drafting. Since this course requires the planning to be submitted before she can acccess the next assignment she can't do that this time! At least the ornithology course is also going smoothly. She's currently got two things on the go. Firstly she is reading a biography about one of our leading ornithologists and will write either a report on him or a review of the book. Secondly she is engaging in some citizen science online, landmarking 3D scans of bird bills, which can then be used to understand how and why bird species diversified.

The landmarking is fiddly work. Luckily Miss 15 has the patience for it. I wouldn't!

We also discovered a bird cam of a Northern Royal Albatross chick and its parents. We've visited this colony so it has extra interest for us. We've been checking in just for fun but next week might do some more systematic observations. Since Miss 15's ecology and conservation class doesn't begin for another few weeks she's agreed to work through Coursera's Learning How to Learn. Mr 18 did it last year but it didn't fit into her schedule then. This year the timing is practically perfect. It lasts for four weeks and there are three weeks until the university class starts, so just one week of overlap.

Of course there is a lot more to our week than just academics. This week Miss 15 spent a lot of time chasing up copy, compiling, editing, formatting and otherwise trying to publish the latest edition of our regional birding newsletter. She also attended a day-long trampoline judging course - and spent many hours plowing through a technical manual in preparation for the course! Then there were her regular hours training and coaching, plus she got called in to coach three extra classes one day when the gym had an unexpected coaching crisis. Thank heavens for homeschool flexibility! One day mid-week was especially hot so in the middle of the day we took a quick trip to a local berry farm for some of their delicious freshly-made berry ice-creams. Another advantage of homeschooling flexibility!

One of the ways I take care of myself  (and set a good example to my kids as an added bonus) is by reading. This year I've decided to get more intentional with my reading and expand my literary horizons. As well as my Classics Club challenge which has been going on for just over a year I've taken on two other reading challenges this year- one from Modern Mrs Darcy and the other from Popsugar. One of the the books I'm reading this month is The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. I had selected it for my Classics Club Challenge and the Popsugar challenge includes a book of poetry so I'll count this for two lists. Normally I won't double count but this poetry collection is long!

  378 poems down - just another 1397 to go!

An exciting development for Miss 21 this week was that she booked the tickets for her trip to Europe. She leaves in three months!

We went to the market to buy a special treat for Basil and ended up coming home with a lemon custard croissant and a raspberry and white chocolate brownie as well! 

Our week ended on a sad note with the departure of Basil. After nearly two years his family's home is finally rebuilt and they are able to have him home with them. We are really happy for them but we'll miss him.

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  1. Ummm, that raspberry ice cream cone totally distracted me . . . but I love reading about fellow homeschoolers with older kids. Thanks for posting!