Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week Ending 28 February 2016

With the start of the university year this week has been all about getting used to new schedules. Mr 18 is now a full time university student, working towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He's got a few 9am classes so we're getting used to seeing him up and about at a much earlier hour than normal.

And Miss 15 is also at university - for a few hours per week at least. An opportunity was offered to her to take part in a third year class on Applied Ecology and Conservation which she enthusiastically took up. Unfortunately the course is at the out-of-town university, not the one with the campus just 15 minutes walk from home. So I'm driving her there for her three classes each week. Luckily there is an outside exercise park just a short distance away, plus plenty of areas for walking. And if all else fails I'm happy to sit in the car and read while I wait for her to be done. So far the lectures have been concentrating on biological invasions and she's been finding them really interesting.

Since the university is on the way to a large lake we took a birding field trip after her lecture one day. The wind cut it short but I posted more about it in my Day in the Life post for anyone interested.

Miss 15 is part of a group of young birders. They were recently contacted by an author who wants to feature them in a book she is writing on people working in the areas of cultural and environmental protection. They were interviewed this week and the aim is to have the book published before Christmas. It may solve the problem of what to give many relatives for a Christmas gift!

We ended the week with a trip to the Chinese Lantern Festival marking the Chinese New Year.

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