Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Day in the Life

Once again I have decided to participate in the Day in the Life Link up over at Simple Homeschool.

This day is representative rather than typical but it gives a good idea of what things are like just homeschooling one teen. Not as much hands on work for me but plenty of driving!

7am - I get up, have breakfast, feed the cat, make Dh's lunch and start to check emails.

8am - Miss 15 gets up and so does Mr 18. University has started this week and he obviously has a 9am lecture since we don't normally see him so soon.

9:15am - Miss 15 and I leave for the 30 minute drive to the university just outside town. Her interest in ornithology has led to the opportunity to take part in a university course  - Applied Ecology and Conservation.

9:45 am - She heads off to class. I spend part of my time reading in the car. I've just started Colm Toibin's Brooklyn which I'm enjoying. The rest of the time I go for a brief walk around campus.

11am - Miss 15 is back so we we grab some lunch and then drive to a nearby lake for a birding field trip. We were originally going to do field trips on Friday or the weekend but since the university is halfway to the lake already it now seems more sensible to do some after class.

11:30 - We're standing in a duck shelter scoping the area and counting birds. We were in the same spot for an all-bird count less than two weeks ago and it is amazing how much has changed. Hardly any Banded Dotterels are present today but the number of Pied Stilts and Spur-wing Plovers has sky rocketed. It's a really hot day and we thought the heat might limit our birding time. However after 30 minutes or so the wind changes direction which cools things down. But then the wind increases so that it is hard to hold the scope steady and practically impossible to count accurately. So we call it a day. We're pretty sure saw all the species that were at this location anyway. We did plan to try our luck at another spot but in light of the wind opt to leave that until next week. The wind also means it's too difficult to do the 15 minute observation that we didn't get to last week either. Mind you the Harrier that kept flying overhead and putting the other birds to flight meant that assignment probably would have been canned even if the wind had died down.

1:30 - We arrive home. Miss 21 is at work. Having finished her undergraduate degree she's taking a gap year and currently working all the hours she can get before heading to Europe for six months. Mr 18 is home from university. He thought his 9am lecture (Management) was pretty boring and his only other class today (Statistics) isn't until 5pm. With no assignments to work on yet (this is  just the first week of the university year) he's a little underemployed! After a short break Miss 15 hits the books. First up she revises an essay for an online class via Fortuigence. Then she gets algebra out of the way. Finally she rewrites and reviews her lecture notes from the university ecology class. They've been looking at biological invasions this week and she's found it interesting and not over her head. Since it is a third year class I was a bit worried but so far so good. The field trip means she doesn't complete everything she had planned to day but that's not really a problem - we sort of operate on a weekly schedule anyway and are pretty happy doing "schoolwork" on weekends if it lets us fit other things into our week.

While she's busy I tackle some laundry, prepare dinner, do a little cleaning and some homeschool planning. There is hardly any of that to do anymore but I do need to renew some library books and book tickets for an ornithology seminar.

4:30pm - Time to head to the gym for trampolining. She's not coaching today so it is just a two hour training session

5-7pm - She's doubtless training hard, fine tuning her routines since the first competition of the year is in just over a week. I'm back at home and take the time to so some more work on a MOOC I enrolled in. I also have dinner and get the chance to chat with Dh once he arrives home and before I have to leave for the trampoline pick up.

7:30pm - Miss 21 arrives home from work, then Mr 18 and Mr 23 arrive with Mr 23's new car - his first ever. We all admire that before he heads back to his place. After eating dinner (between everyone's work and training schedules the concept of family dinner is but a distant memory) the girls decide to make chocolate sauce to have with ice cream for dessert. Normally I do yoga and perhaps a longer walk in the evening but I'm still feeling a bit off after being unwell yesterday so about 9pm I opt for an early night. I can still hear the kids chatting and laughing from the other end of the house - a nice way to end the day.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this as I have teens and college kids as well. My two in college are in another state however, living on their own (although one lives in our house there which serves as our home-base). Next year I'll be down to one teen at home with me. The birding field trip sounded fun. :)