Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week Ending 3 January 2016

This has been another relaxed week. In the only real event of note Dh, Miss 21, Miss 15 and I visited the museum. The main highlights were

a display of corrugated iron art (it was fascinating how intricate much of this work was - my photos don't do it justice),

and a display focusing on Da Vinci's mechanics.The Da Vinci display also featured reproductions of some of his paintings - including an interactive one!

The Mona Lisa and a couple of imposters!

 Today I watched a great Periscope from Julie Bogart of BraveWriter.

The take -home message was to have courage, take risks, follow inspiration and be present because then everyone grows. I'm hoping I can apply that to this year's homeschooling. Certainly something to remember as I think more about what I want this year to look like.

This week there has also been birding,

A young Pukeko among some Mallards.

game playing,

This is Memoir 44 - Dh and Mr 23 have played this one several times.


and - my guilty pleasure - cookbook browsing. At least this was from the library and not a new book!

There's also been fitness. Miss 15 has decided to go jogging every second day (she hates jogging) as well as doing stretching and conditioning while she waits for trampolining to resume in another couple of weeks. She's lost without it! And, after thinking about it for two years, I am slowly easing in to yoga. So far I'm using Yoga with Adriene videos on YouTube. The Foundations and Beginners series are good places fro me to begin. Sadly I'm discovering how inflexible and out of shape I am. Sigh...

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