Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week Ending 24 January 2016

This week has been all about trampolining for Miss 15. It was the first week of a two week training camp - 8:30am-3:30pm five days a week. After no training for a nearly a month she was pretty tired - not to mention stiff and sore - especially early in the week - but very happy to be back. On Friday afternoon the whole squad went to the pool for swimming and hydro sliding. A perfect end to the week, especially since the temperature was 32 degrees Celsius (nearly 90 Fahrenheit) which is really hot for us.

Homemade tropical ice blocks and raspberry spiders (floats to my North American readers) are perfect on the hot summer days  which finally arrived in the latter stages of this week.

While she was busy bouncing I spent hours on the computer. I've picked up another MOOC (crazy I know) so I've got four on the go. Thankfully one finishes this coming week - four is definitely too many. I also spent time on homeschool planning. It feels so strange only having one child left to focus on. Just got the fine tuning to finish this week.

Mr 18 got his cricket in this weekend. Last week's game was rained out. Sadly he didn't have a good game and his team lost too. Hopefully there will be better performances this coming week.

He spent most of the week working - picking up as many extra shifts as he can since once university starts next month he'll be more limited in the time he can devote to money making! He also spent lots of time helping Mr 23 look for a car to buy. I don't think they've had any luck yet.

Miss 15 and I did fit in a spot of birding. One afternoon we drove to our favourite estuary and despite bad light managed to add four birds to our list this year. And the other afternoon I heard an unusual call in our front yard.

When I went to investigate I discovered this gorgeous Redpoll calling loudly from a tree. We sometimes see Redpolls near our place but this is only the second or third time we've spotted one actually in our yard.

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