Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week Ending 27 December 2015

This was definitely a week of two halves. During the first part of the week we were busy with Christmas preparations. The most exciting was delivering our food hamper and gifts to the organisation which will then deliver it to the family we sponsored. I'm so mad with myself for forgetting to take a photo so you'll just have to imagine a large, festively decorated box filled with all sorts of Christmas food  - ham, cake, berries, chocolates etc - plus a large Santa sack overflowing with presents (two of the children were hoping for a ball and two balls went a long way towards filling our sack!). After Christmas I said to Miss 15 that perhaps we would only sponsor a family every second year since it was a costly exercise which limited what we could spend on our own Christmas. She said she wanted to sponsor a family again next year and didn't mind not getting many gifts since she didn't really need anything anyway. So proud of her.

Apart from that we visited a Christmas grotto with some great displays - some animated and some static. Much as I enjoyed looking at the displays I think I enjoyed looking at all the excited young children more. Christmas with older teens and adult children is a very different beast from a Christmas with young kids.

One night everyone, including Mr 23 (although he doesn't live at home anymore he is close by so can easily join us for activities when he wants to),  drove around town checking out the houses that were festooned with Christmas lights. Badly sung Christmas carols may have been featured on the trip!

Miss 21 (almost forgot that the week actually began with her birthday), Miss 15 and I engaged in some adult colouring. Miss 15 gave me an odd look when I first suggested it. I think she was imagining something akin to an "adult" movie or an "adult" book!

Plus there was plenty of cooking, wrapping and the obligatory Christmas movie viewing - although we didn't watch as many this year since it was almost impossible to find a time when everyone was at home. Supermarkets get busy in the week before Christmas (who would have thought?) so both Miss 21 and Mr 18 were working a lot. Still Christmas Eve would not be complete without Miracle on 34th Street.

The last two days have been a welcome change from the pre-Christmas busyness. Long, lazy days (well not for Miss 21 and Mr 18 - I was happily reading in bed one morning just before 8am and Miss 21 was getting ready to head to work and Mr 18 had already been there for three hours!) filled with gardening, dog walking, a large crossword puzzle (a family endeavour),


personalising my diary/journal/planner, including adding copies of some of my favourite art works,

plus video watching. We won a copy of Inside Out just before Christmas and everyone enjoyed it - even, perhaps especially, the 23 year old!

Looking forward to plenty more relaxation. It's more than a week before dh resumes teaching, three weeks until Miss 15 starts training again, and over a month before we are scheduled to hit the homeschooling books again.

ETA; Forgot to mention that I'm not totally ignoring homeschooling though. One of my plans for next week is to get reinspired. And one way I'll be doing that is rewatching some of my favourite Periscopes from Julie Bogart of Bravewriter fame. If you've got teens I highly recommend The Enchanted Education for Teens.

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  1. Happy Christmas! I love that you sponsered a family in need! What a marvelous program.