Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week Ending 15 November 2015

This week we had two main highlights. The first was a family trip to the A+P Show - similar to a county fair. Trying to find a day when the whole family could go was a challenge since all three of the kids have been working extra shifts recently. Both Miss 14 and Miss 20 managed to find people to cover one of their shifts so we were all able to go. It is so rare these days that we do things all together - a sign that the kids are growing up and building their own lives. Which is as it should be but it was nice to all go out together. Sadly the weather did not cooperate but by spending a lot of time undercover and venturing out in between the heavy showers we were able to enjoy a lot that the show had to offer.

The other main event for Miss 14 and me was taking part in an annual bird survey on a river to the north of here. Several of our most endangered birds breed on this river so the annual survey is an important way of monitoring the health of these species. Because it is a braided river which snakes its way across its bed, sometimes with multiple channels, sometimes with just one deeper and swifter stream, there were multiple river crossings to be made. Not my favourite activity but we didn't fall in - although it was a struggle to not get swept off our feet sometimes.

These streams were okay to cross. My camera was safely stowed by the time we came to the challenging ones. All the gravel looks barren and inhospitable but several rare bird species breed there. Can you spot the chick in the photo on the bottom right?

The rest of the week was fairly mundane. We did get to celebrate Basil's birthday which was a bonus
since we thought he would be back with his owners by now. Still don't have a firm date but it should be before Christmas. We also received the worrying news that my mum suffered a stroke. Thankfully it was minor and doctors expect she'll fully recover, but still something we could all do without.

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  1. Oh no I am so sorry to hear about your mum. My mother had a mini-stroke (called a TIA) last year and yes it is very scary. She recovered just fine but there is the worry that others will now be more likely to occur.

    The stony streams look so lovely, ah, I miss walking about in the wild places and observing birds and splashing through streams! Such a blessing you and your daughter have this to share :-)