Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week Ending 4 October 2015

The big focus of this week was the National GymSports Championships. Preparations didn't go smoothly -  a messed up leotard order left Miss 14 without a team leotard. Luckily she was able to share with someone who was competing on days she wasn't. Then there was the team bag. Miss 14's had only been used for two tournaments and there is no reason why one zip should have broken let alone three of them. Given the poor quality I refused to buy a replacement but Miss 14 wanted a bag like everyone else so I decided to try replacing the zips. Did I mention that I hate sewing and have never really learned how to sew? Did I mention one of the zips was nearly a metre long? Did I mention it is impossible to always manoeuvre a stiff sports bag through a sewing machine in the way that you need to? Anyway I succeeded so she was happy. Mother of the Year for me!

For the bulk of the week she was out of town competing.

There were a few interesting hiccups -  a mix-up with the mini buses which meant they missed the opening ceremony, and a leaking roof in the hotel which necessitated a change of room at midnight. But it was successful competition for her - a second placing in her individual event on the back of an especially good set routine. It was her first ever medal at the national level and I'm really pleased for her. Hopefully I'll get some video to share next week.  She also picked up a bronze in the synchronized event - mind you there were just three pairs!

While she was away I'd set myself a list of  jobs. One of these was supposed to be simple - update Mr 17's transcript so it is ready for him to apply to the university for formal admission. Except that I couldn't find the transcript I'd already drafted! Then I realized it was another victim of our switching computers. At the start of each year I write a record of our plans for that year so recreating his transcript shouldn't have been too difficult. Except the plans for 2012 and 2013 had also disappeared! Remembering what he'd done and thus creating the transcript became a major hassle. Before you do any major changes to your computer back up all you files, then check and back them up again! I finally got that sorted and also spent a fair bit of time planning an ornithology course for Miss 14 for next year. I've decided to go for a sort of buffet approach - gather lots of resources, project ideas, theory assignments etc - and let her pick and choose as she goes.

On Saturday a 130km walking trail encircling our city and designed to highlight its biodiversity was officially opened with a ceremony at a local wetland. Members of our ornithology group were asked to attend, share our scopes and talk about birds with members of the public. Since Miss 14 was away I went in her place.

Speaking of birds, one of Miss 14's favourites is the Kaka, a forest-dwelling parrot unique to New Zealand. Before she left we were delighted to discover this live nest cam  and spent some enjoyable time checking in on the nestlings as they slept and fed.

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  1. Oh what azheadache with the transcript! Oh my goodness, you have my sympathies!

    Assorted computer glitches over the years have me now writing everything down in hardbound journals. I suppose something could happen to them too!! But losing things inside the nether regions of computer technology is particularly irksome.

    Congrats to Miss14 on her medals! That's wonderful :-)

  2. I'm so sorry about the problems with the leotard and the bag. YAY for you fixing it though. Keilee would have been out of luck as I can't sew a stitch!! And congrats on the medals for Miss14. I hate that about the transcripts!! I HATE when my computer eats things. Every picture of Keilee from 7-12 are on a corrupted disc on my computer. I pray they are still on there but can't pay the $300 to have them pulled off. As always I love hearing about your bird studies!