Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week Ending 25 October 2015

Another week with very little worth noting. Our life just seems to flow uneventfully along - which I guess is a good thing. Although sometimes I would like a little positive excitement.

Miss 20 is feeling very much lighter since she has just submitted her year long research project. Now she is knee-deep in studying for finals. In a mere two weeks she will be finished, her degree complete. It seems like just yesterday (but was nearly four years ago), at the start of what was supposed to be her final year of homeschooling, that she announced she was sick of homeschooling, was through with it, and wouldn't do it any more. So in a two week period she applied to university, was accepted, and began her psychology studies.

Mr 17's cricket season has started. He was pleased with 2/3 of his first game (bowling and fielding) but not so pleased with the way his batting went - or more accurately didn't! Meanwhile I'm contemplating months of grass-stained whites in the laundry.

Miss 14 has been using her spare hours to spend plenty of time with Basil. His family's new home should be finished before Christmas, possibly as early as next month, and he'll be able to move back in with them. Good news for them; not so good for us.

As for me I've been busy with my Classics Club Challenge, especially catching up with writing reviews for books I finished earlier in the year. I also finished David Copperfield, a real marathon effort, but definitely worth it.

I also started a new MOOC - Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales. Mostly theory and background this week, but I think Miss 14 may join me when we begin looking in depth at specific tales. My Highbrow course on Impressionist artists finished. Not a lot of detail but a good way of sparking interest, sort of like strewing the beginning of a rabbit trail that can then be pursued or not as you wish. I've now signed up for Philosophical Ideas that Everyone Should Know. And I watched a few more of Julie Bogart's Periscopes. Her one (split into two parts due to the joys of modern technology) on Enchanted Education for Teens was especially worthwhile. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

I also continued my gentle purging. I can't bring myself to put in the effort for concentrated purging when I know in the next few months I'll have to pack up the whole house while we move out for earthquake repairs. That seems like perfect purging time for me. Right now I'm limiting myself to areas that are especially annoying me. This week I went through some more homeschooling shelves and made several piles to sell.

I also purged some recipe magazines, recipe books and loose recipes torm from newspapers . As a reward I bought myself ...a new recipe book. Not that I have an addiction or anything!

The highlight of the week was a birding trip Miss 14 and I made to a small park. Not long after we arrived she heard a Shining Cuckoo call. This time we actually managed to trace the call and spent a happy hour watching not one but two birds fly, sing, catch insects and otherwise go about their business. Miss 14 had had the merest glimpse of one before but I had never seen one at all so we were really pleased with the morning.

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