Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week Ending 18 October 2015

It has been a very relaxed week around here. Funny how practically having finished formal academics for the year contributes to that!

We did get back to our current two MOOCS. The FutureLearn course on William Wordsworth finished this week with an intriguing look at the journals of his sister Dorothy and an exercise comparing her account of encountering some daffodils growing beside the lake to his in the 1807 and 1815 versions of his famous poem. We still have a few weeks remaining in our Classical Music course. We're currently deep in the Romantic period at the moment. Generally we are enjoying this era, but we're still not converted to the merits of opera.

We've been on three birding expeditions. The first trip was to my favourite estuary with a group of fellow birders. The highlight was probably a Grey-tailed Tattler. Not sure if it is the same one that was around earlier in the year or not. The following day we met a friend at an old quarry site and she showed us where a pair of kingfishers seem to be making a nest. We'll have to make the effort to go back and check on their progress. And the day after that Miss 14 was invited to take part in a publicity exercise, promoting the Wrybill in a Bird of the Year competition. Shots of her, a local mayor and an ex Member of Parliament should be gracing newspapers and other media outlets in the next week or so! I don't think the Wrybill is going to win the vote but it is more an advocacy and awareness raising exercise anyway.

A small flock of gulls and terns fishing at the estuary.

This over sized Wrybill was part of the promotional photoshoot.

A Pied Stilt feeding on a braided river.

In the rest of the time there has been lots of reading, game-playing and trampolining. Miss 14's really excited that some new skills seem to be coming together - and they are not as difficult as she'd feared. We also started watching the final series of Downton Abbey.

Bohnanaza is the current game of choice.

Mr 17 has had a busy week. He sat and passed the final stage of his drivers licence so can now drive without any restrictions (new drivers here aren't allowed to carry passengers or drive after 10pm until they've driven for at least a year and then passed the final test). The first thing he wanted to do was take a passenger somewhere so he treated Miss 14 to a frozen coke and fries from a local drive-thru as an incentive to go with him! He's spent all weekend working at JOTI, the annual international Scout Jamboree-on- the-Internet.

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  1. Keilee starts a lot of those courses but she has a bad time of not finishing! I love, as always, your birding pictures. And YAY on your son passing the final stage. I love that he took his sister as his first passenger! :) Have a great week.

  2. Your bird pictures are unbelievable!! Thank you for sharing :)