Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week Ending 11 October 2015

Now that we are very definitely in our low-tide/unschooly/interest-led part of the school year how exactly are Miss 14 and I spending our days?

She's back at the gym (of course) coaching and training. She's now announced her new goal in trampolining - making a national representative team, probably to compete in Australia. For her this will be a long term commitment, not likely to be achieved until 2017 at the earliest. I had wondered if achieving her goal of winning a medal at the National Championships would have slated the trampolining bug. Clearly not.

Getting ready to help a recreational athlete do a forward roll on the low beam.

We've gone on a couple of birding trips. One day just the two of us headed to a local lake to see if we could spot any interesting waders. The lake level was pretty low and there weren't many interesting birds to see. Over the weekend we joined some members of our local birding group for a field trip to some bush and forest areas. Loved walking through the bush, with the sound of bird calls all around.

We've also been doing plenty of reading. Miss 14 is on a Harry Potter kick, rereading the entire series. And we're reading The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate as a read-aloud, since we had so much fun reading the first one together. Callie Vee is one of our favourite characters.

A while ago I asked Miss 14 what her ideal homeschool would look like. Her response - "Birding, trampolining ...and I guess some reading as well". So she's had a great week!

There's also been a lot of downtime which I think she really needed this week. Last week's competition was obviously taxing - mentally as well as physically.

This week I discovered a fun new site  - Highbrow -  where you can sign up for short courses. Most I've browsed are slated to take 5 minutes per day and last for 10 days courses. They cover a range of interesting sounding, "highbrow" subjects -  A Brief History of Economic Thought, Philosophical Ideas That Everyone Should Know, and Beautiful Inspirational Poems which is the one I've currently signed up for.

I'm also keeping my brain ticking over with a course on Logical And Critical Thinking via FutureLearn. Miss 14 isn't interested but I want to do some logic with her at some stage. So I might save the course components and use them with her next year. Such a nuisance when great courses are on at times that aren't convenient or when we aren't interested - typically at this time of year when we are basically done but the North American school year is getting underway . One reason I'm pleased many of Coursera's offerings are now available on demand.

There has been one piece of big news around here. Mr 17 bought himself a car - researched, test-drove, sorted the paperwork and paid for it entirely by himself - and it's better than our car! He's the first of mine who has purchased a car. Another of those "my babies are growing up" moments.

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  1. What a nice first car! Birding, trampolining, amd reading does sound like the perfect school day!

  2. Sounds like the perfect week! Congrats on your son for his big purchase!!