Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week Ending 20 September 2015

My mornings have been getting off to a great start this week thanks to the Periscopes from Julie Bogart of Brave Writer fame. Positive, thought-provoking and informative but always realistic. If you are interested but aren't on Periscope/can't watch live you can always watch the recordings here.

I've  been doing a lot of thinking about next year - how to make it better than this one, which has been pretty flat in places - especially the past few weeks. One resource I'm using is a free email course - Best Homeschool Year Yet. Inspired by this  course Miss 14 and I have had a great discussion about what hasn't gone right this year. She had some good insights - some things I was aware of and some things were a total surprise. We've now got a better idea about what to avoid/what not to do this coming year. Next step is to recall what we have liked/what has gone well so we can find ways to do more of that.

I've also started a little decluttering. I had been planning to save this until we have to pack up and move out for our earthquake re-repairs  - still no word on when that is actually going to happen though! However, I finally managed to get dh's "office" out of our dining room. Following the large quake in February 2011 dh's office building was unable to be occupied. He needed somewhere to work and the only place that made sense was our dining room so we had to squeeze in a computer desk and chair, a couple of small bookshelves and a few other bits and pieces. Months later the university had temporary offices constructed - but they were large open-plan affairs. Dh (and most of his colleagues) couldn't work effectively there so while he would go in sometimes he also spent  a large amount of time still working from home. Finally the new building (with individual offices) was outfitted and he no longer worked from home. So we've finally got rid of his office desk which makes me very happy. Turns out I'm not a big fan of cramped. The extra space has inspired me and I've started decluttering the rest of the room - especially the homeschooling shelves. There was a lot there that we've either outgrown or that I know Miss 14 will never use. So I've dumped one large pile of stuff and have another set aside to sell. I'm hoping to keep going with the decluttering - just a little at a time, the areas that are bugging me the most.

While I've been busy with those things Miss 14 has been busy training, coaching  and plugging away at the Latin, Maths, physics, music history, geography and literature. The end is in sight but she's not quite there yet! All in all a productive week for both of us. Just not one of our more interesting ones!

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  1. I have heard about Periscopes so much and even downloaded the app but haven't watched any. I will check this out. We always try to make our next year better don't we? I am not sure what I will do when Keilee is graduated and I can't plan her next year with her! :)

  2. I went through a satisfying declutter this past spring -- it felt so good! Lots of books, younger childrens homeschooling supplies, baby clothes ...!! My mother is working to sell lots of it. Such a good feeling to have the clearer spaces, emptier drawers and so on.