Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week Ending 27 September 2015

The week was  cold and grey a lot of the time- perfect for staying home and getting lots of work done. Which is exactly what Miss 14 did. As a result she is basically done with formal homeschooling for the year. Algebra, World Literature, Geography, Physics and Latin were all completed this week. The only thing that remains is Music History/Appreciation but that will only take 15-30 minutes per day for a few weeks. Let the the interest-led/low-tide/good times roll!

To celebrate we went to a local wildlife park.  The walk through aviaries were an obvious favourite

A Tui - caught making some of the wide variety of vocalisations it is famous for.

A Kea shredding a large cardboard tube - one of the enrichment activities provided for these intelligent and curious birds.

A couple of Red-crowned parakeets sharing food.

A Yellow-crowned parakeet. 

A Blue duck. We are hoping to see one of these in the wild this summer.

as was hand feeding the giraffes.

Miss 14 was especially interested in the gorillas which she's never seen before since they are a fairly new exhibit at this park

and in the Tasmanian Devils, another new animal for the park.

We managed a couple of birding trips - including one to count Kereru. This New Zealand pigeon plays an essential role is dispersing the large seeds of many native plants. The aim of the Great Kereru Count is to gather data about the population of these birds, which will assist in conservation efforts. They aren't especially common in our part of the country (and we didn't have a lot of time to devote to the count this year) but we did spot one in one of their favoured areas.

This isn't the Kereru we saw on the count. This was in the  aviary at the wildlife park.
We also tried our hand at a little origami. Not our strong point so we were glad the pattern was simple!

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