Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week Ending 13 September 2015

The week didn't get off to a great start.

* We bought a new computer (ours was on its last legs) last week and Mr 17 was been busy getting it set up and transferring the hard drive from the old to the new computer. All the files transferred - except my ones. At first I didn't think this was too big a hassle since I had backups in a couple of places. This week, however, I discovered that the folder with all the material for Mr 17's Comparative Politics course had not been backed up. So I spent a fun morning scouring the net trying to relocate the essay assignment I had planned for him to complete. It took a while but I finally found it.

* Miss 14 has been sick again. Her third illness since the end of July. I'm beginning to wonder if she isn't overdoing things. Suggestions that she cut back on training have not been met with approval. So I just hope that she recovers quickly. Even though she is slowly improving,  her pleasant personality and her ability to remember algebra and Latin have not fully returned meaning it hasn't been our greatest ever homeschooling week.

* My washing machine decided to throw a fit and flooded the entire laundry and toilet before we discovered what was happening. Nothing like mopping up over an inch of water when the temperature outside is below freezing. Definitely not my favourite way to start the day.

Thankfully there were some highs to balance the lows.

* A trip to the local farmers market - just dh and me.

* Miss 14 just started a new MOOC - William Wordsworth: Poetry, People and Place. It seems to be going well so far and it'll help round out last year's English credit. (I "stole" the Shakespeare part of that when I found some Shakespeare MOOCs and decided to combine them into a Shakespeare credit, which was fine but it left last year's English a little short. I was confident I'd find something to plug the gap and it seems I have.)

* Miss 14 and I bought the recently released new edition of a classic bird book. It'll be great to be up-to-date when we're out in the field, stumped by some confusing bird.

* The library had a stack of new books waiting for me.

* Dh was given chocolates by a  grateful student. He bought them home to share :-)

* Miss 14 had another successful trampoline competition.

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  1. Oh what a week! I'm sorry, I do hope this one is better for all!

    The illnesses really slow our homeschooling as well. We tend to simply wait until brains are fully engaged once more .... Usually this means returning to Lessons slowly, one or two subjects added per day until we're back up to speed.

    I hope your daughter is fully recovered soon! My Joshua was ill in June, and July, and now for a couple of weeks again.

    1. I havebsuggested a break from school or at least some subjects for a while but she is determined to be "finished" (especially the disliked subjects) by a certains date. She wants more time for interest-led learning and seems willing to pay the price now.