Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week Ending 23 August 2015

The changes we made to the schedule last week seem to have paid off and Miss 14 got through the week's work without feeling that the weight of the  world was on her shoulders. I'm hoping that the coming week will be better still since she shouldn't have any extra coaching hours. Her coach has been sick for two weeks, meaning a couple of the more senior coaches have been filling in for him which means the junior coaches like Miss 14 have been asked to pick up extra hours to cover for them. She could have said no and it hasn't been that many extra hours but I feel it might have contributed to her feelings of overwork. I discovered that this time last year she had already finished a couple of her courses. That hasn't happened this year - perhaps another factor in her feeling of overwork. Whatever the case I'm hoping that our modified plan helps as she buckles down and finishes up as much of the remaining work as she can before she heads off to the National Champs at the end of next month. We're keen to head into the unschooly/low-tide part of our year.

There were a couple of birding trips this week. Miss 14 and I went to our favourite estuary mid-week and spotted many of our favourite birds. Lots of singing, courting behaviours and nest building going on. Over the weekend I joined a small group of birders on a beach patrol looking for dead birds. (Miss 14 would have come but she was sick. Pretty sure it is just a cold that Mr 23 had last weekend. He was much improved by Monday and it looks like she will be too.) We only found a couple of items of interest - a wing and a skull- but it was good to learn more about the procedure for identifying and reporting  beach wrecks.
A wing from a Red-billed Gull and an as yet unidentified skull - probably from a gull or a tern.

 And it was a beautiful day to walk along the beach.

The real highlight of the trip was seeing a fur seal pup. He looked pretty thin so we were glad when he headed out to sea. Hopefully he managed to find some food.

You can just spot the seal pup heading into the water. Not great photos since I was getting used to the camera on my new phone - the old phone had an unfortunate accident involving the washing machine!

In other news

* Dh had a birthday. No real chance to celebrate on the day this year though. He had an early morning class to teach at one end of the day and an exam to supervise at the other - a 13+ hour work day all up. Still there was a chocolate cheesecake for supper which was some consolation. Next year is a significant birthday so hopefully his work schedule will be kinder.

* Mr 17 sat  his first ever test. This was  for his university economics course. He came home happy and is confident he did well which is reassuring. 

* We made a couple of unscheduled trips to the after-hours health centre as a result of dh suffering chest pains.Thankfully nothing seems to be seriously wrong but he's still got a few more tests to go.

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