Monday, July 6, 2015

Week Ending 5 July 2015

This was the last week of term before a scheduled two week break. I did consider postponing the break for a week since we've got friends visiting in late July. However, with Mr 17's university class starting and Miss 14 showing every sign of needing a break we'll go ahead and take it now and worry about late July when that rolls around.

Two things dominated my week. The first was setting up a bird identification quiz on Memrise. Someone gave us a link to an id quiz online but I found several problems with it. However it got me thinking and I decided that Memrise should allow me to create something better suited for us. Sadly Memrise isn't as intuitive as it should be and it took me several frustrated attempts before I finally figured it out. I'm pretty happy with what I've created so far and Miss 14 has been inspired to work on one of her own during the break. I tackled the passerines and she though she might tackle waders.

I also spent some time thinking about how to modify our geography course. The programme we were using as our spine turns out not to be such a good fit for us. So I've been reading ahead, flagging the areas that are problematic and then deciding what to replace them with. That'll teach me not to pre-read the entire course before we start it!

Mostly though the week at home was spent hard at work

  with plenty of game playing thrown in as well.

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