Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fortnight Ending 19 July 2015

We've just finished a two week break from formal homeschooling pursuits. Perhaps because we were on a break more interesting things happened than normal.

Mr 22 arrived home from his working trip to Europe. By all accounts his conference presentation went well, and he discovered that French laboratories are much better resourced that those he usually works in!

This is the small steam engine that Mr 22 took to get to his conference - not your typical form of conference transportation!

The conference was held on the island of Fraueninsel in the Chiemsee lake, Bavaria.
Despite being busy in France he did fit in some sightseeing. This is the cath├ędrale Saint-Pierre de Rennes.

 Another place he visited was le Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy.

Miss 14 and I survived the second biggest trampoline competition of the year. Her club hosted it so I ended up volunteering both days, recording scores on the computer. My first time in this role, and after 12 hours the first day I was shattered. Luckily the second day was slightly shorter but I basically came home, sent hubby and son out for takeaways since there was no way I was cooking and then went to bed! Miss 14 did well. Both her events were on the first day and she won both which was something of a surprise. She was competing with a new partner in the synchronised event and they hadn't had a lot of practise together. The individual event featured a much larger field than normal, half of whom she'd never seen before, including a big group from Australia. She's never competed in an international field before. She also ended up being the final competitor of the day and had never bounced so late in the day. Since she is always nervous and can barely manage to eat before she competes I was somewhat worried that lack of food might be a hindrance! Thankfully not.

There were koalas (donated by the Australian teams) as well as the usual medals for the prize winners.

Miss 20 got her hair cut short! This was a major event since she has had it long ever since she was a toddler. Apparently the hair stylist checked and rechecked about five times before finally starting to cut! She looks so different that when Mr 22 came around he didn't recognise her (he didn't know she was going to have it cut). When she answered the door he asked if she was at home!

Miss 14 ended up working a few days in her gym's school holiday programme - mostly with the preschool classes. This was rather an eye-opener and she no longer thinks all preschoolers are cute and adorable - especially not when they come in larger groups!

Mr 17 started his university course. I wasn't sure how this would go since he doesn't always believe in applying himself to academic work. However, after all of one week, he seems to be taking it very seriously - up before 8am (previously 10:30am was the norm) so he can get ready in time to attend class, taking notes, rewriting those notes later, and doing the recommended readings. Many of my homeschooling grey hairs may have been for nothing!

In between times he worked a lot of hours at the supermarket bakery. There's a lot of illness going around at the moment and they are short staffed so he ended up working five days including a couple of 12 hour shifts, and a couple of 6am starts . Bear in mind he is not a morning person and it takes about 45 minutes to walk from home - longer if it is icy and you need to go slowly and carefully.

Speaking of illness both Miss 14 and I have been struck down. At first it didn't seem too bad but we both worsened over the weekend and I've spent most of the time shivering in bed. I really have to be better tomorrow since Mr 22 turns 23 and I've promised him a home cooked meal. And I have friends arriving the following day from overseas and the house is a total mess. Which doesn't bother anybody else but which is driving me insane and I'm itching to put everything to rights. Foolish as it sounds I won't be able to enjoy their visit with the house looking as it does currently.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Week Ending 5 July 2015

This was the last week of term before a scheduled two week break. I did consider postponing the break for a week since we've got friends visiting in late July. However, with Mr 17's university class starting and Miss 14 showing every sign of needing a break we'll go ahead and take it now and worry about late July when that rolls around.

Two things dominated my week. The first was setting up a bird identification quiz on Memrise. Someone gave us a link to an id quiz online but I found several problems with it. However it got me thinking and I decided that Memrise should allow me to create something better suited for us. Sadly Memrise isn't as intuitive as it should be and it took me several frustrated attempts before I finally figured it out. I'm pretty happy with what I've created so far and Miss 14 has been inspired to work on one of her own during the break. I tackled the passerines and she though she might tackle waders.

I also spent some time thinking about how to modify our geography course. The programme we were using as our spine turns out not to be such a good fit for us. So I've been reading ahead, flagging the areas that are problematic and then deciding what to replace them with. That'll teach me not to pre-read the entire course before we start it!

Mostly though the week at home was spent hard at work

  with plenty of game playing thrown in as well.