Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week Ending 28 June 2015

It's been another uneventful week around here. For Miss 14 and me the highlight was taking part in the annual Garden Bird Survey. Basically we just needed to sit and watch the birds in our garden for an hour and record the largest number of each species that we saw in that time. Our yard doesn't get a great variety of bird life and the numbers were down on last year. I'm blaming the cold winter for that one. Still it was enjoyable watching the birds go about their business.

This thrush was chased away a couple of times by a territorial male blackbird.

We had more House Sparrows in the yard than any other species.

Silvereyes are small, delicate birds. We only had five in our yard and they seemed to just briefly peck at this mandarin half so I was amazed at how quickly they finished it.
We put some bread on the ground and the birds ignored it for 40 minutes. Then some silvereyes landed, then came hoards of  sparrows, then the thrush and some starlings. It was a busy feeding station for a while. Then, without any obvious reason, they all abandoned it. 

Mr 17 went in to university to purchase his textbook and get his ID card sorted. His class starts in a couple of weeks.

One advantage of homeschooling older kids is having a bit more time to pursue my own interests. One of the things I love to do is read. I finished two especially good books this week - Americanah and Red -Tails in Love. The only problem is that the latter title has really fuelled my desire to go to New York, and most especially to go birding in Central Park. Sadly, homeschooling teens pays no better than homeschooling younger kids so that dream will have to go on hold for a good long while!

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  1. It's been so long since I visited. I have been horrible at updating my blog. I blame Instagram. I have always loved your birding posts. So often as I am staring at my birds on the feeder I think of you and your daughter. :) Nice to catch up.