Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fortnight Ending 7 June 2015

Last week was particularly uneventful - hence no blog post. The major event was what didn't happen. No trampoline training since Miss 14's coach and many of her club mates were in Australia for a competition. However, many of her club mates are also recreational coaches so Miss 14 ended up covering for them and coached every day instead of training.

This week was more interesting. On Tuesday Miss 14 and I went to a performance of Romeo and Juliet at the local professional theatre company. There was a discussion with the director and some of the actors afterwards. It was interesting to hear the reasoning behind some of the decisions. For instance the production was not set in any one time or place - hence the costuming being a mix of Elizabethan, 1940s, plus more modern garb. We'd have preferred a more unified look but overall we enjoyed the performance.

The following day we went birding - hunting for yet another rare bird that had been sighted at the local sewage ponds. No luck this time though. It was bitterly cold and raining so we were pleased that we could actually bird from the car.

On Friday we finally went swimming again. We had planned to go last week but had to postpone at the last minute. Then we were going on Wednesday but reports of the rare bird led to yet another change of plans. So it was good to finally get to the pool - and a soak in the spa is a great way to end the week!

Academic work continues - mostly uneventfully. Miss 14 was unhappy with physics so for the past couple of weeks she tried a unit from Supercharged Science. She didn't like it any better and found it harder to follow so this week it was back to the Prentice Hall textbook. I have another couple of options she could look at. However, I think she has relegated  physics to the realms of "must be endured and got through as quickly as possible" and the textbook at least doesn't take up too much time. Despite my best efforts we always seem to end up with something in this category. Last year it was history, the year before it was maths. I could put a lot of effort in trying to make the subject more enjoyable but I would rather save that time and energy for something she actually enjoys - like birding. If she was really miserable I might just drop physics altogether but she's not. So for now, we'll probably just carry on. Idealistically I'd like my kids to love everything they did, but the realist in me knows that won't always be possible. So long as they like and enjoy most of their studies, most of the time I'll be content.

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