Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week Ending 24 May 2015

It was a very noisy week, and as a result we we weren't as productive as we'd have liked. It's a little hard to concentrate with diggers, jackhammers and the like operating right outside your window. Our driveway, paths and patios were all dug up and replaced. They were damaged in the largest 2011 earthquake and replaced later that year. Except the contractors didn't do a good job and everything began cracking in less that two weeks. After lengthy negotiations with the contractor and then the insurance company it was finally agreed that they would need to be relaid. At least the contractors this time around appeared to know what they were doing.

We also took an unexpected field trip to the sewage ponds. I know- we sure know how to pick our venue! But birding networks reported a rare bird that we'd never seen before so we had to go and check it out. Turns  out that first reports were incorrect  and the bird was in fact a Hoary-Headed Grebe that we travelled north to see last year. But this is the first time one has been seen in our region for 30 years so it was worth the effort (and besides it got us away from the jack hammering). No photos sadly - it didn't come close enough to shore for our camera. Since we were across town we visited a few favourite birding sites while we were there.

Lots of waders and gulls at the estuary.

We spotted this White Heron fishing in a canal.
Mr 17 was knocked off his bike during the week. A driver opened a car door directly in his path. Luckily he only suffered some minor scrapes and bruising. He was on one of the city's busiest roads at the time so it could have been a lot worse. At least bikes can be repaired and helmets replaced.

In amongst all this we did get some bookwork completed. A trawl through my computer files revealed a geography notebooking pack which included a country study. It was perfect to supplement our geography studies which are currently focused on the Americas. Miss 14 has picked Colombia, while Mr 17 is looking at Panama.


We also spent plenty of time with this guy. He was perplexed by men destroying his paths!

Basil appears to be eating the maths homework!

The week ended with sleety showers. Perfect for curling up in front of the fire and watching a video.Since we've just finished Romeo and Juliet I thought an adaptation was a great idea. My first pick - West Side Story - was out. So we settled for the somewhat lighter Gnomeo and Juliet instead!

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  1. Beautiful heron!

    My teens love Gnomeo and Juliet, I shall have to check it out of the library again.

    So glad Mr 17 wasn't seriously injured! Accidents like that are so scary.