Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week Ending 17 May 2015

Some random snippets from our week.

When I stumbled across a recipe for these owl biscuits in a magazine I just knew Miss 14 would want to make them.

It sometimes feels as if Mr 17 never does any schoolwork. But I caught him hard at work on his comparative politics this week. He's just starting a unit on Iran.

Two birding trips this week. Miss 14 and I joined a small group of friends for a mid-week ramble around a local wetland. On another day she travelled south to visit a private wetland and aviary complex. I've been knocked around again by inner ear problems and didn't feel safe going. Hopefully I can get a referral to a specialist and fix this problem since I'm totally over it.

Mr 17 helped run a leadership camp for Scouts over the weekend. And no Scout camp is complete without a roaring campfire. Then he had the panel interview (a three hour marathon affair) for his Queen Scout Award - the highest award in scouting here. I didn't realise what a big deal it was - the awards are actually presented in person by the Governor-General, the Queen's official representative. Mr 17 was pleased the panel recommended that he receive the award - now he just has to wait for the paperwork to be processed and approved at both the regional and national offices.

Miss 14 read The Disappeared for her World Lit course. Set in Argentina in the 1970s, it is a nice complement to our current geography studies which are focused on South America.

Mr 17 has been playing a bit of indoor cricket over the past few weeks - regularly filling in on a friend's team. They had their first win (at least in the games he's played) this week.

Homeschooling in pyjamas - in this case a penguin onesie since it seems everything around here has a bird related twist.

The technician came back and finally fixed our hob. Four working elements again (he did have two of them working after his initial visit) and it was still covered by the warranty. Cooking is much simpler and I'm a happier cook.

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