Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week Ending 5 April 2015

This was our last week of the quarter and boy do we need the two week break. I think Miss 14 has had a bit too much on her plate and we're both bordering on burnout - crankiness was bubbling to the surface all week long! If a break hadn't been on the calendar I think we'd have been taking one anyway. Instead we modified our workload, took some time out for one fun activity and muddled through the rest of the week, getting through the bulk of the work that we deemed most important. And it was a short week (both Good Friday and Easter Sunday are full public holidays here) with yummy treats involved which helped us get by!

This is the second year the Big Egg Hunt has been in our city. Miss 14 and I spent an hour or so one afternoon seeing how many of the large, decorated ceramic eggs we could find. This year many of the eggs were behind windows, which made photography a bit more challenging. Miss 14's favourite was the egg in the centre.

Given the name of this blog I was pleased we managed to find Serendipity Egg!

Easter is always a good excuse for home economics. This year we made plenty (too many) of hot cross buns. Miss 20 and Miss 14 also made some chocolate eggs that were much appreciated, albeit messy in the making.

We've also been busy preparing for Miss 14's ornithology field camp next week. Since it is on a protected island there are very strict quarantine regulations. We've had to check all her gear (including all the seams, Velcro closings, pockets and any other hidden spots) for seeds, soil, foliage or other unwanted items, as well as thoroughly washing all her shoes.

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